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Could Hyperinflation Happen in the United States?

“When Zimbabwe was struck by hyperinflation,” a study by Coomer and Gstraunthaler notes, “the effects for the country and the wealth of its inhabitants were devastating—as devastating as the many episodes of hyperinflation before.” The process of inflation was gradual at first, but by May 2006, the rate first exceeded 1,000 percent. Within two years, […]

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Secret Service Power Expansion Sought in CO

Sometime this week, a vote is expected in the Colorado General Assembly on Senate Bill 13-013. The bill would provide so-called “Peace Officer” powers to Secret Service agents in the state who’d prefer to have more police-like powers. The head of Colorado’s Secret Service has already admitted to the Senate Committee that they want this […]

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A Short, Simple Argument for Free Market Health Care

For the sake of clarity, I think it’s worth looking at an example of a libertarian-type argument in favor of free market health care. Here’s one argument I’ve put together, broken down as two propositions and a conclusion: Proposition 1: The aim of all for-profit health care providers is to make a profit. Proposition 2: In a […]

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Only the Rich and Pretty Were Educated Before 1979

When Rand Paul recently called for abolishing the Department of Education as part of a potential budget plan, the CPAC crowd went wild. So did the detractors. Why do some pundits want to insist that eliminating money at the federal level means depriving kids of an education? Are they really telling us that prior to […]

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Is Aristotle Laughing at American Politicians?

“Raising the debt ceiling does not authorize more spending,” President Obama asserted at a January 14th news conference. “These are bills that have already been racked up, and we need to pay them.” If you think that’s rich, even White House press secretary Jay Carney voiced similar thoughts, claiming that “there are only two options […]

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The Media’s Apathy Over Domestic Drones

The way that a recent article on NBC News talks about drone aircraft over U.S. soil sure makes them sound like simply a financial liability, as though that’s the greatest of our problems. Technology columnist Nidhi Subbaraman notes that, according to statistical estimates, drones are up to “300 times more likely to crash than small […]

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More Federal Agents in Your State? Sure, Why Not!

With a General Municipal Election just around the corner in Colorado, it’s obviously helpful for locals there to know who their ballot choices are. Honestly, if there’s an election anywhere at all right now, I know that fellow libertarians will agree: research is key. In District 3 of Colorado Springs, there’s one particular candidate for […]

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Shocker: GOP Insiders Consider Pandering

According to a new report by the Republican National Committee, the Republican Party is finally having to come to terms with the problem that “perception of the Party is at record lows.” Voters – especially younger ones – have been “increasingly rolling their eyes at what the Party represents.” Now, the GOP and RNC are struggling […]

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