Perry booed at GOP state convention

The GOP welcomed delegates to the Texas Republican State Convention in Fort Worth on Thursday morning June 7th with rousing tunes from a bagpipe ensemble. The instruments which led the people G.K. Chesterton described as “the men that God made mad” into the frenzied fray of whirling battle axes and whizzing arrows didn’t feel out of place. There was the… Read more →

A Penny Worth of Thought (FOIA)

It sounds a bit awkward in English – “freedom of thought”. The more common expression is freedom of speech or freedom of expression. But, in Turkish, one of the ways to convey this same idea is “düşünce özgürlüğü”, which, translated literally is “freedom of thought”. It always struck me as funny, and I would often joke with my Turkish friends… Read more →

Police catch cell phone fever

The 7th Circuit US Court of Appeals has weighed in on the GOP primary contests, issuing a warning to all Americans: “OUR right to know trumps ALL of your rights!” In typical fashion, the government has announced that it can search cell phones without a warrant, simply because they might contain crucial evidence that could be easily erased. This is… Read more →