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Chelsea Clinton vows her mother will kill the 2nd Amendment via Supreme Court

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has made gun control one of her top campaign issues in recent months. And this week, her daughter informed supporters that that the former first lady will make putting an anti-firearm activist on the bench of the Supreme Court one of her first priorities if elected.

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Donald Trump and the conservative’s burden

As it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee, I have begun asking myself if I would cast a ballot for Trump, despite my many reservations about him, in order to prevent a pathologically dishonest and possibly unbalanced Hillary Clinton from slithering back into the White House? It’s a tricky question.

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Hillary’s Fake Outrage

  It’s been almost 5 months since Americans have been screaming for answers regarding 4 dead Americans in the wake of the Benghazi attack. This administration has lied, misled, and done everything in their power to avoid answering any questions (so much for transparency). And when the Secretary of State is finally able to answer […]

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Clinton On Benghazi: Some Crises CAN Be Allowed To Go To Waste

Of course. I’ll bet that’s the foremost question on her mind. Why bother answering questions or getting to the truth about four dead Americans and a scandal which could have resulted in thwarting the re-election of the most unconstitutional president of all time? What Difference Does It Make? Now that Obama has been re-installed  there really […]

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Hillary Clinton Is Key To Unlocking Libya Scandal

If you listen to the talking heads, the prevailing wisdom regarding the Libya attack is that the Obama administration is showing itself to be incompetent. If true, of course, that could hurt Obama’s re-election chances. As a result, opponents of the administration are far too eager to try to exploit this opening. Unfortunately, these boob-tube […]

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The saga of Ma and Pa Clinton continues

The other night on Bill O’Reilly I caught some of his interview with Bill Clinton. After all of what Obama has done (or hasn’t done) Preident Clinton is still supporting him. I was surprised, yet, not surprised. On the one hand, I thought, as usual, he puts his party’s interest above the people’s. But on […]

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