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The Humanitarian With the Guillotine

[Excerpted from The God of the Machine, 1943.] Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends. This is demonstrably true; nor could it occur otherwise. The percentage of positively malignant, vicious, or depraved persons is necessarily small, for no species could survive if its members were habitually and consciously bent upon injuring one another. Destruction is so easy that even a minority of persistently evil intent … Continue reading

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Media-Drugged Zombies

According to a Nielsen study, the average American adult consumes 10:39 hours of electronic media per day in 2016, up a full hour from 2015. Each year, it increases. At 13:17 hours, blacks expose themselves to the most, with Asians the least at 5:31 hours. During many cross-country train trips, I’ve always noticed that the calmest and most content people in the lounge car were the Amish, those with no cravings for electronic media. Their children, in particular, were always impressively serene. Instead of hunching over a private movie, or being plugged to detonating beats that irritated everyone nearby, the … Continue reading

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Slouching Towards Irrelevance

Without Gamergate, there might not have been a President-Elect Trump. One of the primary weapons of SJW’s and the left, in general, is what they call “no-platforming.”  Basically, it means refusing to allow political or philosophical opponents any voice in the dialogue, usually under the idea that some ideas are just too extreme or dangerous to be allowed.  It’s the same sort of reasoning that leads to “anyone who challenges global warming or vaccine efficacy should be treated like a Holocaust denier.” No-Platforming was the trigger for Gamergate, as anyone who questioned the narrative was blocked, deleted, ignored, insulted and … Continue reading

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The Constitution of No Authority

Every now and then you read one of those books that you know will stick with you for years to come. It will shape and form your thoughts. There will be a lasting impression that will aid in your future decision-making and perceptions. Unexpectedly, for me, that is “No Treason”. If you love Rousseau’s “Social Contract” you will hate this book; for they are emphatically opposed. Spooner, a rabid abolitionist, affixes his argument on the crux that not allowing the South to uncouple itself peacefully from the Union, defines all that a voluntary government and Constitution ought to be and … Continue reading

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They Hurt Black People

Donald Trump’s surprise win has millions of Americans, many of whom are black, in a tizzy. Many, such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, are writing about what it means to be black during a Trump administration even though Trump’s presidency has yet to begin. My argument has always been that the political arena is largely irrelevant to the interests of ordinary black people. Much of the 1960s and ’70s civil rights rhetoric was that black political power was necessary for economic power. But the nation’s most troublesome and dangerous cities, which are also cities with low-performing and unsafe schools and poor-quality city … Continue reading

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Stay Alert

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”—Philosopher George Santayana Stay alert, America. This is not the time to drop our guards, even for a moment. Nothing has changed since the election to alter the immediate and very real dangers of roadside strip searches, government surveillance, biometric databases, citizens being treated like terrorists, imprisonments for criticizing the government, national ID cards, SWAT team raids, censorship, forcible blood draws and DNA extractions, private prisons, weaponized drones, red light cameras, tasers, active shooter drills, police misconduct and government corruption. Time alone will tell whether those who put their … Continue reading

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Commies Order Vegan Pizza

5 Years ago my business partner Hunter Lewis asked me if I wanted to develop I ‘d write about the phenomenon of crony capitalism day in and day out and I would explore the concept closely. We were sure there was plenty of material. We were right. Every day there are new high profile instances of crony capitalism. Day after day, week after week, there are new tales of crony corruption and collusion. Over the past 5 years, we have documented and analyzed the chicanery. My new book, Politicos, Predators, Payoffs, and Vegan Pizza – Dispatches from the Crony … Continue reading

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The Electoral College Can Be Stolen

If there’s ever a year that the centuries old Electoral College might crumble, it’s this one. America had two candidates running for President with incredibly high unfavorable ratings, the official campaigns, and their surrogates were emotionally manipulative and negative in their campaigning, and we exist in a society that has forgotten how to win or lose – for participation ribbons go to everyone. This is a fine recipe for taking down a cherished institution that is so based on trust that it has long been considered a rubber-stamp, as certain of outcome and as devoid of human input or error … Continue reading

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Like You?

Did you ever notice how dinnertime conversation always seems to get around to somebody asking you for money?  Or they want you to spend some of your Precious Mogambo Time (PMT) with them, “doing” something “together as a family” where you act like a “real father” for “a welcome change”? Me, too! Weird huh? And are you really, really getting tired of politely replying “Go to hell”, only to have them unexpectedly get all angry and anti-social, for absolutely no reason? Like some vicious bipolar demons from hell? Me, too! Again, weird huh? Anyway, the reason that I bring this … Continue reading

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Dear LeBron James

Mr. James I write to you because like hundreds of other powerful voices in America, you both endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and since then have lamented that she has lost. I certainly understand reasons for not endorsing Donald Trump; I can cite many reasons for which he is not deserving of an endorsement.  I suspect I can come up with a list longer than yours as I suspect that there are other items with which I disagree with Trump that you would actually support. My purpose is not to debate with you why Trump is better than Clinton or … Continue reading

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To Stop Being Played as a Chump, Turn Off the CNN/MSM

If you want to stop being played as a chump, turn off the CNN/MSM and disengage from the self-referential social media distraction. Let’s start by asking: if Trump had lost and his supporters had angrily taken to the streets, destroying private property and threatening police officers while proclaiming “not my president,” would the mainstream media have characterized the rioters differently than it has the pro-Clinton rioters? Any fair-minded observer knows the answer is yes: the CNN/MSM would have lambasted the “rioting deplorables” as “what’s wrong with America.” Substitution is a useful tool to expose bias. How come the CNN/mainstream corporate … Continue reading

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Normals Are Deplorables

I guess we have all noticed that the holier-than-thou groups who whined that Trump wasn’t going to accept the outcome of the election refuse to accept it themselves. Because I was critical of the George W. Bush regime, the liberal-progressive-leftwing and homosexual/transgendered rights groups have me on their mailing lists. And it is unbelievable. The entirety of “the other America” refuses to accept the people’s decision. They think that their concerns are more important than the concerns of the American people, who they regard as nothing but a collection of racist homophobic rednecks. Unless they provoke him beyond reason, Trump … Continue reading

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Hillary and Bill’s Vicious Blow-Up

New York Times bestselling author Ed Klein has just published his fourth book about the Clintons since 2005, Guilty as Sin. Klein has told how Bill Clinton enjoyed foot rubs, massages and romps in his presidential library with female interns and has described new details about Hillary’s medical crises. Guilty as Sin is available in bookstores and on order from Amazon. In the waning days of the presidential campaign, Bill and Hillary Clinton had a knock-down, drag-out fight about her effort to blame FBI Director James Comey for her slump in the polls and the looming danger of defeat. ‘I was … Continue reading

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Need a Shot of Pure Energy?

Eating beetroot can make you run faster, a study has found. The purple vegetable was found to boost sprint times over 20 meters by 2 per cent. While this may not sound much it is enough to give people an advantage in sports. It may also be of use to old people who need to get a boost to get up the stairs, or run for the bus, researchers said. Myths, Misunderstandings and Outright lies about owning Gold. Are you at risk? The key to beetroot’s effect is nitrates, which increase the energy available to muscle cells. In the study, one … Continue reading

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