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Trump’s Possible Cabinet Picks or just Rumors?

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, has said that the announcement for the White House chief of staff is ‘imminent’. Conway told reporters late Saturday night that there are ‘several people being considered’ for the position, according to ABC News. But, she added, ‘it’s Mr. Trump’s decision ultimately’. She said that she thinks ‘Reince Priebus has expressed interest in the position’ as well. Conway may also be in the running for a senior position, according to Fox News. But she has said that a future job in the White House was ‘not a big priority’ for her. Myths, Misunderstandings and … Continue reading

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Vive Monsieur Trump

Donald Trump’s startling and explosive victory has not only shaken America’s oligarchy to its core,  it’s also  sending shock waves across Europe and scaring the top hats off  plutocrats and their tame politicians. The great Mark Twain wrote early in the 20th century: ‘if you don’t read newspapers you are uninformed. But if you do read them, you are misinformed.’  Amen. As with the 2003 war in Iraq, the US media totally dropped its mask of phony impartiality and became a cheerleader for the Clintons and their financial backers. Media was clearly revealed as a propaganda organ for the ruling … Continue reading

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