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Is Roy Moore finished?

As sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore continue to gain national attention, the Republican establishment in Washington is signaling that it wants the candidate to step aside. Moore continues to deny any wrongdoing and his support among many Alabama voters remains strong. Still, it may not be enough to keep his campaign afloat until the state’s December special election. 

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Privacy is dead

Law enforcement agencies throughout the United States are increasingly relying on predictive policing technologies which combine traditional video surveillance equipment with artificial intelligence. Proponents say the new technologies are going to make Americans safer. But is the cost to privacy too high?

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Nuts to Bush, Part 2

The mainstream media celebrated as a new book came out in which the two former Presidents Bush, George H.W. and George W., criticized Donald Trump, with Bush the Elder calling Trump a “blowhard” who is “driven by a certain ego.” As if there are no egos in the Bush clan.

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The Social Nightmare

Tech giants want the world to believe that social media is about cat videos, old pals and advancing societal well-being via a better connected world. But it’s time to confront a different reality: Social media is the biggest corporate threat to humanity the world has seen to date. 

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Control THIS, gun grabbers!

The gun-grabbers could have gone completely squirrel-monkey insane. Following the carnage which unfolded in Sutherland Springs, Texas, they could have turned the victims into sock-puppets for their gleeful virtue-signaling. They could even have staged shrieking photo-ops in which they blamed people who had nothing to do with it. Instead, they – well – that’s pretty much exactly what they did.

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