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ACLU’s Argument Against Puerto Rico’s “Fake News” Ban

The ACLU just filed its motion for a preliminary injunction in this case, which I blogged about Wednesday. Here is the heart of the argument: Introduction Plaintiffs Sandra D. Rodríguez-Cotto and Rafelli González-Cotto move for a preliminary injunction against two provisions of the Law of the Puerto Rico Department of Public Safety, both of which…

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State Statutes Mandating Sealing of Childhood Sexual Abuse Complaints Don’t Apply in Federal Court

Haynes v. Haggerty, decided Tuesday by Judge Christina Reiss (D. Vt.), involves a lawsuit over allegedly admitted sexual abuse nearly 50 years ago (1971-73), made possible by Vermont’s repeal of the statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse claims. The lawsuit was dismissed on res judicata grounds, because plaintiff had unsuccessfully sued defendant before in…

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Author William Gibson toys with the personhood of an artificial intelligence and what might have happened if recent American political history had played out differently.

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