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Russia Bombs Anti-ISIS Rebels, Marines Threaten Gay Bar, Gary Johnson’s Favorite Edibles: A.M. Links

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California Lawmakers Fight Transparency Measure: New at Reason

A measure on its way to the November ballot in California that would require bills to be available to legislators and the public for 72 hours before a vote as well as making video of legislative hearings available to the public within 24 hours has met a lot of resistance from lawmakers.

Steven Greenhut writes:

No wonder the Legislature is scurrying for a softer alternative. Many lawmakers want SCA14 to go on the same ballot. If this constitutional amendment passes with more votes, the Blakeslee-Munger initiative would not go into effect. SCA14, passed in committee, deals with the 72-hour transparency issue but critics say it’s so laden with loopholes it renders the reform nearly meaningless—even after some last-minute amendments that bring it a bit closer to the initiative.

For instance, backers of the initiative argue that SCA14 requires a 72-hour notice only in the second legislative house. Instead of expanding transparency, they say, it would allow one house to game the system—and foist gutted and amended bills on the other house. SCA 14 supporters deny that, but the current language is convoluted. This much is clear: the initiative’s language is far stronger than the alternative, which is why initiative backers remain committed to taking their measure to the ballot.

Ironically, legislators also used the gut-and-amend process to pass in committee Assembly Bill 884, which deals with the public-recording portion of the Blakeslee-Munger initiative. Because this is a legislative measure and not a constitutional amendment, the legislature can change any of its provisions with a simple majority vote in the future. By contrast, changes in the initiative would have to go back to the people for a vote. That’s a key benefit for the initiative.

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British MP Killed in Attack, President Heads to Orlando, Gun Control Bills Debated: P.M. Links
  • Jo CoxBritish Labour Party MP Jo Cox, 41, died after being shot and stabbed on the street by a 52-year-old man. She was known for her activism in support of Syrian refugees. Media outlets quote witnesses saying the man yelled “Britain First!’ when he attacked her.
  • President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have arrived in Orlando to meet with families of the victims of Sunday’s deadly shootings.
  • Shooter Omar Mateen prior to his rampage posted on Facebook for America and Russia to stop “bombing the Islamic state” and promised there would be more attacks from ISIS on the United States. Here is a timeline of how the shooting played out.
  • There will be votes on more gun control proposals, but it doesn’t appear as though any legislation has enough agreement to pass the Senate.
  • The cockpit recorder for EgyptAir Flight 804 has been found. The plane went down in the Mediterranean Sea May during a flight from Paris to Cairo, killing 66.
  • Encryption is the subject of another debate in Washington, even though, again, there’s no sign that encryption played any role in the failure to prevent the violence in Orlando.
  • Donald Trump is possibly considering starting his own media business.
  • Philadelphia has passed a soda tax.

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