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Why Does South Africa Need Armed Forces?: New at Reason

The South African government’s first major spending project post-apartheid was revamping the military. Marian Tupy asks why the country spends so much on its military:

Three reasons come to mind. First, the nation’s military is a massively inefficient jobs program that soaks up some of the country’s unemployed and a patronage system that provides sinecures to the lackeys of the ANC government. Second, it offers marvelous opportunities for self-enrichment to the country’s corrupt elite, which negotiates arms purchases from foreign suppliers.  Third, it is a status symbol. All serious nations have a military and so must South Africa—whether it needs one or not.

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Brickbat: Until Morale Improves

Anthony RobinsonFormer DeKalb County, Georgia, police sergeant Anthony Robinson has been sentenced to two years in prison followed by eight years probation after being convicted of violation of oath of office, simple battery and simple assault. Robinson ordered other officers to beat a handcuffed teen suspected of burglary and ordered and took part in beatings of three other teen suspects.

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Obama Meets with Castro, Trump Reveals Foreign Policy Team, Clinton Attacks Trump on Israel: P.M. Links
  • This really happened.President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba kicked off with a face-to-face meeting with President Raul Castro. Castro demanded Guantanamo Bay returned and claimed that there are no political prisoners in Cuba.
  • The Supreme Court today declined to limit border patrol stops, rejected the idea that stun guns are not protected by the Second Amendment, and declined to let nearby states attempt to interfere with Colorado’s marijuana legalization. The Court has also agreed to hear a patent case between Apple and Samsung.
  • Donald Trump revealed today some of the members of his foreign policy team and according to the Washington Post “outlined an unabashedly non-interventionist approach to world affairs.”
  • Hillary Clinton attacked Trump at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference today for being “neutral” on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Trump will be speaking this evening.
  • There’s a manhunt on now in Europe for a newly identified suspect in the deadly Paris terrorist attacks.
  • Last week I noted how the Department of Justice was attempting to use (and misuse) antitrust laws to block Tribune Publishing from purchase bankrupt Freedom Communications newspapers in California. Even without having to prove the case, the DOJ succeeded in thwarting the effort. Because Freedom Communications was set to run out of money by the end of the month, there was no time to fight the DOJ’s restraining order, so they went with the second-highest bidder instead, Digital First Media, which is the second largest newspaper chain in the U.S. and is Tribune’s direct competitor in Southern California. Apparently this somehow avoids a monopoly.
  • Apple is announcing some new products today.

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