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Insuring Accuracy

There are approximately 35 million people without health insurance in the United States. But a study by the House Republicans on Congress’s Joint Economic Committee says this “snapshot” look at the uninsured may overstate the problem. First, the study found that many of the uninsured can actually afford insurance. (More than 5 percent of those making $15 an hour or more are not insured.) These are mostly young people. Most of them have probably decided to forgo health insurance. Of the involuntarily uninsured—the unemployed, low-wage earners, and those who have been denied coverage—the study found that over time most regain insurance. Meanwhile, of course, others become involuntarily uninsured. The House Republicans contend that the chronically and involuntarily uninsured population is about 5.8 million people.

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Brickbat: The Fugitive

ButtsEmma Caresimo opened the door of her home in South Wales and found her car had been booted by a  bailiff from Wigan, England, who said she had to pay a fine for dropping a cigarette butt on the street in Wigan and not showing up for trial. She says she paid the fine to keep car from being towed. Then she called officials in Wigan, which she has never been to, to find out what happened. She said a woman named Emma Smith, from Liverpool, had littered. Caresimo’s maiden name was Smith, so that seemed to be more than enough to seize her car. 

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