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Cruz Crushes Trump in Utah, Sanders Takes Utah and Idaho, Brussels Bomber Still on the Loose: A.M. Links

  • Donald Trump suffered a major blow in Utah, where Sen. Ted Cruz earned 71 percent of the primary vote, John Kasich 16 percent, and Trump just 14 percent. “Cruz’s big win in Utah means he will get all 40 of the state’s delegates to the Republican National Convention,” AP reports. Yet Trump still won the most delegates yesterday, picking up 58 from a win in Arizona, where Cruz placed second. 
  • Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders bested Hillary Clinton in Idaho and Utah primaries, while Clinton won in Arizona
  • Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to entice Ohio Gov. John Kasich into dropping out of the Republican presidential race by floating him a spot in a future Cruz administration. 
  • Jeb Bush has endorsed Ted Cruz, saying he hopes the Texas senator will help “overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity” of Donald Trump
  • Belgian police are still searching for Najim Laachraoui, a suspect in yesterday’s attacks in Brussels. While Laachraoui—who was with the two suicide bombers at the Brussels airport yesterday, and whose DNA was found in an apartment connected to the Paris terrorists attacks of 2015—was reported yesterday to have been arrested, this turned out to be false. 
  • Georgia is moving to make solicitation of prostitution a felony
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The Art of Trump: New at Reason

John Stossel says “hooray for Donald Trump”:

I can ice skate in Central Park because Trump got the skating rink fixed after New York City couldn’t.
Couldn’t, you ask? Really? How is that possible? New York City government couldn’t fix an ice …

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