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School Choice and Obama’s New Education Secretary: New at Reason

John King, Jr. was confirmed by the Senate as President Obama’s newest education secretary this week. While his policy impact may be minimal in the little time he has, his tenure does represent a welcome normalization of school choice.

Lisa Snell explains:

John King is the first school principal and charter school founder to ever reach the top education position. He deserves his charter school accolades.  He founded Roxbury Preparatory Charter School in Boston and then served as the managing director at Uncommon Schools charter school network, which now has 44 schools serving more than 14,000 disadvantaged students. In 2013 Uncommon Schools won the Broad Prize for urban charter schools for serving 98 percent African American and Hispanic students and closing the income and ethnic achievement gaps at four times the rate of other large charter school organizations across the country. In addition, Uncommon Schools’ graduates earn bachelor’s degrees at five times the rate of low-income students nationally.

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Obama Privately Promoting Clinton, Graham Goes to Bat for Cruz, Melissa Click Speaks Out: P.M. Links
  • Clinton/ObamaPresident Barack Obama is reportedly privately telling donors to line up and support Hillary Clinton, which should surprise utterly nobody.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is going to fundraise for Sen. Ted Cruz, whom he loathes utterly.
  • It turns out the lawsuit filed against Uber by former driver and alleged Kalamazoo, Michigan, mass killer Jason Dalton is likely a hoax.
  • Terminated University of Missouri Assistant Professor Melissa Click, in her own words: “We should all be concerned about the larger issues my situation raises.” Oh, we are, just not in the way she thinks.
  • According to the EPA, Flint, Michigan, is hardly alone in problems with lead poisoning in the water.
  • The Senate has voted to hold ad site in contempt for refusing to comply with subpoenas for information about how it screens ads for sex trafficking.
  • OMG! I totally forgot to Trump! Here you go.

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