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DARPA Unveils Latest Military Tech Weapon

With DARPA’s newly created “Cranial Response Online Weapons Network” (CROWN), you too can lead the executive branch and get instant access to U.S. military resources, without the need for congressional oversight!
Reason TV producers Meredith …

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More Spending Won’t Cure Europe’s Jihadi Problem: New at Reason

The Brussels and France attacks have once again put the spotlight on Europe’s Muslim problem. And the growing Syrian Refugee Campwisdom is that new Muslims—even desperate refugees—should be kept out of Europe because they are too different and can’t be assimilated without a massive expenditure of resources.

But Reason Foundation’s Shikha Dalmia argues that immigrants today, Muslim or otherwise, don’t need these countries to spend money on them, they need to be left alone. They don’t need jobs programs—they need jobs. But Europe’s ridiculous labor laws—its stupid minimum wage mandates (that Bernie and Hillary are hell-bent on replicating here) and its silly union contracts (that make it hard to get rid of non-performing workers)—make jobs hard to come by for Muslims. According to one study, Muslims in France have a two-and-a-half times higher rejection rate for job interviews than non-Muslims. Reforming these laws would go a long way toward curing the disaffection and the pathologies of the Muslim underclass in Europe.

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