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Another Lesson from Iraq: New at Reason

The war in Iraq continues to offer lessons for American politicians, lessons that are often ignored.

A. Barton Hinkle writes:

Liberals of a certain stripe—those who talk up “soft power” and diplomacy and disdain militarism—oppose efforts by America to impose its will by force abroad. “There are no easy or magical solutions,” as Bernie Sanders says in the “War and Peace” section of his campaign website. Yet he and those of his persuasion are ceaselessly enthusiastic about imposing their will by force at home, through the endless expansion of government power and control.

Wages too low? Force employers to pay more.

Too many uninsured? Force Americans to buy coverage.

Not enough parental leave? Force companies to provide it.

Rich people speaking too freely about politics? Rewrite the First Amendment so you can stop them.

A horrific school shooting? Take guns away from people who didn’t do it.

People drinking too much soda? Ban big servings or tax the stuff.

Fantasy sports gambling getting too popular? Shut it down.

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