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Another Libertarian Moment?: New at Reason

Are we about to witness another libertarian moment?
John Stossel writes:

Before the primaries, Time Magazine, frequent pusher of trends that do not exist, put Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken.) on its cover and called him the “most interesting man in po…

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Brickbat: Sacrificing for Their Country

HospitalSupervisors at Veterans Affairs medical facilities in seven states ordered their employees to falsify reported wait times for veterans seeking help to make it look as if the wait times met VA standards. And employees at VA facilities in several other states were doing so without explicit commands. In all, employees at VA facilities in 19 states and Puerto Rico were manipulating data on wait times for up to a decade, according to a USA Today report.

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It’s Equal Pay Day, Obama Dedicates a Monument, Paul Ryan Isn’t Trying to Be President: P.M. Links
  • Game of ThronesIt’s “Equal Pay Day,” which means everyone is supposed to talk about how horrible and sexist it is that modern society permits employers to pay women 22 cents less for every dollar a man earns—an argument that ignores the very different choices working women make. Anyway, Obama dedicated a national monument to the struggle for female equality.
  • Paul Ryan is definitely not running for president… or so he says.
  • More violence between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters.
  • North Carolina Gov. pat McCrory issued an executive order making some changes to the controversial transgender bathroom bill.
  • Watch the most recent trailer for Game of Thrones season 6.
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