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Hillary Clinton, Friend and Foe of Democracy: New at Reason

Hillary Clinton is a fair-weather friend to democracy, and a foe, as A. Barton Hinkle writes:

Hillary Clinton is a huge fan of democracy—just so long as it doesn’t get in her way.

HRC—Her Royal Clintonness—has not driven a car in two decades. Her list of speaking-engagement demands includes special pillows onstage and hummus and crudités offstage (crudités is a fancy word for veggies). She has been paid more than a half-million dollars for speaking to the swells at Goldman Sachs.

But that doesn’t mean she no longer cares about the little people! She does care. Deeply. We know this because she says so—and if there is anything Clinton is known for, it’s always telling the straight-up truth.

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