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Two new pieces and an update

Yesterday FEE published me on Chuck Berry. And today Adam Gurri (of Mercatus and Sweet Talk Conversation fame) and Paul Crider are launching a new joint: Liberal Currents. And it’s got a brand-new essay from yours truly, which I don’t yet have a link for but if you go there you’ll find it. As for life, … [Read more…]

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Here’s what’s hard about right now

It’s hard to move across the country and also start a new relationship. Shocker, right? I mean yes we’ve been dating long-distance for two years but we weren’t very close and also a live-in relationship is completely different than even a close long-distance one. First, let’s talk about what’s been easy. The practical aspects of … [Read more…]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage

I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage, after announcing I was ready to tie the knot on this here blog. I feel embarrassed having to walk that back, but then that’s kind of my thing. So, I had a conversation about it with my lover primary live-in partner person. And then like two days later … [Read more…]

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I finally got angry enough to write again

Hello my loves. I’ve missed you. Sorry for the lack of newsletters. I’ve been trying to focus on making friends and keeping my job. I’m learning a new category (machine learning and artificial intelligence) and that takes up a lot of time and mental energy! But here it is a Sunday and I’m working and … [Read more…]

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Cat Marnell and the Double-Edged Sword of Concern

I’ve always loved a hot mess. But just the girl ones. Can men be hot messes? I guess so but I find them boring. Probably because it’s so noncontroversial to be a male hot mess. It’s usually either straight-up sad or straight-up awesome. You’re either Corey Feldman or Leonardo DiCaprio. You’re either Late Show with … [Read more…]

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I welcome Sean Spicer’s open contempt for the press

People are freaking out about White House press secretary Sean Spicer accusing the press of intentionally misrepresenting the size of the crowd for Trump’s inauguration. Then Spicer said: “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe.” This statement is demonstrably false. It’s not … [Read more…]

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Nick Ford does not agree with me.

One of my favorite people, Nick Ford, wrote a charitable and thoughtful response to my latest FEE article about, as he put it, “overthrowing capitalism and abolishing jobs through machine learning and automation.” Nick: “If that sounds weird to you, well that’s Cathy.” He knows me. (And he loves me anyway.) My argument is essentially … [Read more…]

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