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Trumping Washington Won’t Make America Great Again

Americans have begun voting in the process to select the 44th person to succeed George Washington as President. Unfortunately, missing from the process have been the principles that animated Washington as America’s “indispensable man,” in historian Forrest MacDonald’s words. The character that made him “first in war, first in peace, and first in the…
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Trump’s Debate Goes Down In Flames

It looks like nobody wants to waste their time dealing with Donald Trump.  Originally I was a little confused about Ron Paul’s decision not to attend.  I figured a politician like Paul would want to get his message out at any given opportunity.  But now I can see that Ron Paul knew all along that […]

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Trump Warns of Obama Tipping Point That May Destroy America

Call me an idiot (join the club) but I have a sort of love-hate relationship with the Donald. On the one hand, I applaud the fact that he actually created a popular reality program that highlights performance over backstabbing (at least some of the time). Sure he had a big leg up with fairly successful parents, but […]

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Trump Says Long Form Fake: There Is Evidence

I seem to recall that a long time ago there was a report that that Obama, though various agents, was sourcing an old typewriter/printer from Toronto (my birthplace) of all places because it was the exact same make and model which was being used in Hawaii in 1961. So at that time I postulated on […]

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Trump: Stirring The Pot

It’s funny. I used to be a huge fan of Donald Trump, the showman/host of the Apprentice. I used to watch both that and Survivor (I know! – but I’m much better now) and note that there was a big difference between the two programs, that at least with the Apprentice you (supposedly) won due […]

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Trump: New Facts Emerging on Obama Birth Certificate

Here’s my take on this issue: first off, in the interests of uniting libertarians, Tea Partiers and conservatives everywhere I saw, stop slamming the people who have an issue with the birth certificate. From what I can tell, based mostly on the millions of dollars Obama is spending to suppress this information, that there really is an […]

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Trumping The Birth Certificate

So Trump was on the View the other day talking about his Presidential bid and made an offhand remark about Obama’s birth certificate. Of course, the crowd went wild, as did the shrill harpies who host that show. All he said was that there must be something on that thing that he doesn’t want people […]

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Trump For President? Part 3: Just Say No.

Just Say No To Trump: you know I have no idea what I was smoking when I suggested that Donald Trump would be a decent candidate for the Presidency. I mean I always has a strange gut feeling about the guy, that he often played both sides against the middle, I even thought that he […]

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Trump For President? Part 2

The only caveat I would think is that as a fairly public figure, I’m sure that he has a ton of skeletons in the closet that he may not wish to be revealed, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m sure that there will be legions of media, Obama supporters, and paid Obama […]

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Trump For President? Part 1

The last I saw Donald Trump, he was giving a rousing speech at the CPAC conference, which I reported on back when it happened. It was memorable for a few reasons: one, I had always thought of him as more of a neocon, or rightist Democrat, so I was a bit surprised to see him […]

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Trump Wows CPAC – Part 2: Ron Paul

One thing that he said that was pretty interesting though – he came right out and said what many of us are thinking Ron Paul can’t win. He has ZERO chance. This of course is, sadly, true. While I completely agree with Ron Paul and all of his positions, I also agree with Trump that […]

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