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Dolores Hosts a Topless Picnic

On Sunday afternoon, an assortment of San Franciscans doffed their tops for Casual Tits in Dolores Park. Host Leela Hann-Soden got the idea for a day in the park with our tits out while reading San Francisco’s nudity laws, an issue that has its own Wikipedia page. I searched for Social Nudity in Huntsville, Alabama … [Read more…]

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Another (unemployment) employment law

Many a successful career was built by a young worker willing to work long hours in a salaried position in an effort to catch the eye of upper management and gain needed experience in order to land a better-paying job in a company. A coming rule change by the Department of Labor will inhibit that opportunity and create a disincentive for workers to try and get ahead.

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EU Ruling on Apple: Time for a Second Irish Rebellion?

DUBLIN, August 31—This is turning out to be quite a fascinating week to be in Ireland. Everywhere one goes in Dublin, there are commemorative posters, exhibits at every museum, and year-long special events marking the centennial of the 1916 Easter Rebellion, when Irish republicans rose up to fight the British for independence. Quickly and…
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Sacked for a loss

Man, I don’t give a damn if Colin Kaepernick wants to sit on his helmet during the National Anthem. As long as I don’t get stuck with him on my fantasy football roster. Colin Kaepernick is merely another overpaid and under-educated buffoon who mistook notoriety for knowledge.

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