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350 – Political Warming, Pelosi One, Pay Attention

The global warming frenzy continues, as scientists are fired for telling the truth, and the truth just doesn’t mesh with the politics. Our environmentally friendly speaker of the house, Soccer Mom Pelosi, DEMANDS a JUMBO JET to ferry her little butt from San Francisco to DC, wonder how much fuel those things use up? Plus […]

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347 – Peace Gore, Shaq Cop, UK Our Future?

  WTF did Al Gore ever do to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize – maybe the judges have been living in a parallel universe where Al Gore won the 2000 election!!! A multi-multi millionaire basketball player wants to be a cop in his next life – watch the UK closely for future developments in the […]

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3 – Personal Transportation and Rockets

A rant on how there is no innovation in the personal transportation space, aka cars etc. And why we can’t shoot off rockets in the Bay Area of all places. You;d think here we’d live a little more on the cutting edge. 3 – personal transportation and rockets  

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2 – Defies Category

Flexing my audio chops, I basically declare that the show is about everything. I try to say that I cannot be categorized. Plus, its is St. Patricks Day, so there is some green stuff thrown in there. 2 – Defies Category

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