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UPDATED: 3/16/12

My goal here is to have a continually updated list of ACTIVE (criteria: posts at least weekly, and latest post within the last week) Libertarian, Tea Party and Conservative blogs. Please let me know if you cant get to any of these, and I will remove them from  the list. If you know of any good blogs which I haven’t added please let me know in the comments section and I will add them.
  1. Acton Institute PowerBlog
  2. Adam Smith Institute Blog
  3. Agitator
  4. American Conservative
  5. Anarch.Me
  6. Anarchei.Me
  7. Arizona Tea Party
  8. Atlasphere Meta-Blog
  9. Austrian Economists
  10. Beacon ( Independent Institute Blog)
  11. Big Picture
  12. Black Sheep Report
  13. Break  Matrix
  14. Campaign for Liberty
  15. Capitalism Magazine
  16. Cato Institute
  17. Competitive Enterprise Institute
  18. Conservative Declaration
  19. Coyote Blog
  20. Daily Paul
  21. Darkpolitricks
  22. de oppresso liber 
  23. Downsize DC
  24. Entrepreneurial Mind
  25. Foundation For Individual Rights in Education
  26. Free Man Online
  27. Freedom Politics
  28. – Americans for Limited Government
  29. GOPExiles
  30. Greg Mankiw
  31. Hammer Of Truth
  32. Heartland Institute
  33. Hit & Run –  Reason Magazine blog
  34. Hugh Hewitt
  35. Humble Libertarian
  36. Institute For Justice
  39. John Locke Foundation
  41. Libertarian Christians
  42. Libertarian Leanings
  43. Libertarian Meetup Groups
  44. Libertarian Peacenik
  45. Libertarian Republican
  46. Liberty Australia
  47. Liberty Blog
  48. Liberty Papers
  49. Liberty Pulse
  50. Library of Economics and Liberty
  51. Ludwig von Mises Institute
  52. Malou Innocent (at Huffington Post)
  53. Marginal Revolution
  54. Militant Libertarian
  55. Mises Economics Blog
  56. Not PC
  57. Official Blog of  Libertarian Party (U.S.)
  58.  CEI Blog
  59. Patriot Action Network
  60. QandO
  61. Republican Liberty Caucus
  62. Samizdata
  63. Shutt Chute
  64. Strike  Root
  65. Students for Liberty
  66. Sultan Knish
  67. Tea Party At Perrysburg
  68. Thoughts on Freedom
  69. United Liberty
  70. Volokh Conspiracy
  71. Vox Day
  72. Whited Sepulchre
  73. Will Wilkinson

19 thought on “Liberty Blog Network”

  1. Kim Hartke says:

    Hi I am a publicist working on this important liberty  issue:

    Do you have emails for each of these bloggers? Please advise.

  2. Aaron Graves says:

    I visit Freedom Bunker near daily. I’m in process of re-building my website, and would love your consideration to add it to the list.

    Keep up the cause of Liberty!

    1. Aaron Graves says:

      It’s named de oppresso liber

      1. Chris Future says:

        Hi Aaron – you are added!!!

  3. Tearstone says:

    Please add Liberty Maxim, and we’ll link you back. We focus on connecting the dots of government corruption and focus to wake people up to preserve what Liberties they have left and fight to get back what we have lost.

    Thank you!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Tearstone: You are added! 


  4. I run the blog “Found in Liberty” which is devoted to free market principles and promoting the ideals of freedom, liberty, and self-determination. It tends to run the range of issues, from local news to global economics and has a little bit for everyone. I’d love to be added. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Blake: I added Please let me know if you know about any others which should be here…

  5. Daniel Jarick says:

    A few blogs I can think of at the top of my head:

    Lost Liberty Cafe
    Black Sheep Report
    Liberty Australia
    Per Bylund
    Arm Your Mind For Liberty

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thanks Daniel: I’ve added all your suggestions except for Lost Liberty Cafe (currently comes up 500 – but will recheck later and see if it’s back up) and Anarchei, which I couldn’t find. Do you have the URL for it? Thanks…Chris

      1. Anonymous says: is back so I’ve added it to the list…

      2. Daniel Jarick says:

        Anarchei can be found at

        1. Anonymous says:

          Got it. Add to the list. Great site.

  6. You might consider adding The Black Sheep Report to your list. Please take a look and see for yourself what you think. It’s straight-talking, critical thinking commentary on things relating to liberty, free markets and challenging the conventional political wisdom. Thanks.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Richard: Black Sheep Report is added. Let me know if you can think of any other good ones…!

  7. Chris, I like the new look of Freedom Bunker and I like this one-stop resource of libertarian-leaning and liberty-friendly Web sites, blogs and grass roots action groups.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thanks Kevin: like your new site design too! I added your site as well…

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