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National Security vs. Trump, John Kasich Will Not Go Home, Florida Reforming Death Penalty Laws: P.M. Links
  • KasichRepublican national security leaders released an open letter declaring they could not support Donald Trump as the nominee. Trump dismissed it on Good Morning America this morning.
  • Gov. John Kasich of Ohio refuses to drop out of the race and insists he’s going to win his home state and head to the convention where … I guess the underpants gnomes are involved at this point (or veep offers?). He pointed out that personal attacks against Donald Trump are not going to work.
  • The Texas state trooper who pulled over and arrested Sandra Bland has been formally fired. Bland became national news after a minor argument led to her arrest, and she was subsequently found hanged dead in her jail cell in what has been ruled a suicide.
  • Florida legislators are overhauling the state’s death penalty regulations in order to get them declared constitutional again. The new bill would require at least 10 jurors out of 12 to favor execution.
  • Boston is addressing the competition between ride-sharing services and taxis not by trying to further regulate Uber and Lyft but by loosening the rules for taxi drivers. Good for them!
  • The nanny accused of beheading a 4-year-old in Moscow said it was revenge for Russia’s involvement in strikes against Syria.
  • Dave Navarro tweeted that he’s a libertarian.

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Husband of New Hampshire State Representative Arrested in FBI Home Raid in Connection with 2014 Bundy Ranch Standoff

According to reports from both the New Hampshire Union Leader and the Portsmouth, NH, Patch, Jerry DeLemus, a Tea Party activist and husband of New Hampshire state Rep. Susan DeLemus, was arrested this morning in a home raid by the FBI on nine charges related to his participation in the 2014 standoff with federal officers at Cliven Bundy’s Nevada ranch

The charges include, according to the Union-Leader:

conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer and several firearms charges, according to court records.

They report the indictment is out of Nevada.

A Business Insider profile of DeLemus and his role in the standoff from 2014 describes him as “running the makeshift “militia” of conservatives protecting the ranch, some of whom are armed with handguns and rifles.”

The Patch contains this from former New Hampshire GOP chair Jack Kimball, reporting what he was told by Rep. DeLemus:

“She said that the FBI just rolled up with lots of vehicles and Agents who were in tactical gear,” Kimball wrote on Facebook earlier this morning. ”They forced their way into Jerry DeLemus and Sue’s condo with weapons drawn and arrested Jerry and took him away.”

Kimball considers the arrest unjust, and as the very fact the Bundy ranch standoff occurred, as well as its quasi-sequel in Oregon this year, shows, many agree: “A good and Patriotic Marine is now being prosecuted for standing up for Liberty,” Kimball said.

Cliven Bundy himself was finally arrested last month for his own role in the 2014 events.

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Encryption, Pornhub’s data blog, Black Power

Look, I don’t know that you need to read this. But I know I needed to read it. “For its advocates, Black Liberation necessarily refused the established political system, and refused to play the game of electoral gambles. It disidentified with America itself, and across the country millions of black and brown, poor and marginalized, … [Read more…]

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