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FBI Releases Transcripts from [Omitted] Attack 911 Calls, Donald Trump Dumps [Omitted], Supreme Court Rules on [Omitted]: P.M. Links
  • Corey LewandowskiThe FBI published transcripts of Omar Mateen’s calls to 911 during his deadly attack on Orlando gay club Pulse, but “omitted” some references of him pledging loyalty to the Islamic State. The FBI later in the day unredacted and re-released the transcripts.
  • Donald Trump has dumped campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, which seems to be getting about as much press as the Orlando attack transcripts.
  • The Supreme Court ruled, 5-3, that courts don’t necessarily have to throw out evidence of crimes that police obtain during illegal searches. There are going to be some very terrible consequences for this decision.
  • The Supreme Court also declined to hear a challenge to Connecticut’s law banning some semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazines.
  • Also, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is reportedly considering retirement.
  • Three members of the New York Police Department and a fund-raiser for Mayor Bill de Blasio were busted for corruption charges and bribery.

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