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TSA scanners: Specially lined underwear aims to defeat X-rays

This is exaclty what I was talking about on my show last week – way to go Jeff! — Sales have skyrocketed for a Colorado man who says he doesnt believe the full-body airport scanners are safe. His briefs and bras are strategically emblazoned with patches made of an X-ray-repelling fabric. via TSA scanners: Specially […]

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The no-grope list: Look who gets a junk-touching exemption

It figures that only GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS are the ones who don’t get groped. What about well known celebs? What about pilots and airline personnel who fly day after day? What about frequent business travellers who are well known. Wasn’t the TSA supposed to come up with some kind of sysmtem which could move well known […]

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Government Is Like A Bad Employee You Can’t Fire

I was thinking about this analogy: imagine that you had an employee who you hired for your business. Let’s call him Barry. Barry interviewed well, and all of his references checked out. So you hired him and gave him a project to do. He screws up that project. So you figure, well, maybe that particular […]

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With Obama Till The Bitter End

Wow. How the mighty have fallen. Just two years ago, our lord and savior Obama was speaking to millions of people in Berlin as a “citizen of the world”, and now he is defeated and dejected, probably half heartedly doing his job for the next two years until he can bail out and run for […]

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