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A.M. Links: Trump’s Abortion Comments Enrage, Clinton Moves Goal Posts, DC Metro Nightmare

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Brickbat: Loose Lips

TwitterIvar Mol tweeted that Muslim children cheered when they heard about bombings in Belgium carried out by Islamic militants. Shortly after he posted that tweet, he got a visit at his home in Breda, Netherlands, from three police officers who warned him against making such posts. After media reported on the police visit, Breda mayor Paul Depla apologized to Mol.

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How to profit from a slow growth world

Easy credit from banks allowed our desire to consume go almost unrestricted — until it all came crashing down. And now as we try to rebuild, the income inequality has become worse instead of better and many smart people think that until this is addressed there’s no way out of the developed world’s deflation and the emerging markets’ stagnation.

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