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The perfect organism; the perfect crime

The perfect organism is achieved when one can impute to you his philosophical thoughts and you adopt them as your own, believing that they are your own thoughts and that they originated in your own mind. This is not only the perfect organism, it is the perfect crime and it is the foundation of sagacious statecraft under our present system of government.

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High Fashion in the Uncanny Valley

It’s a case of art imitating life imitating art. Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton’s latest celebrity model isn’t, strictly speaking, a real person: She’s a computer-generated video game character from the popular Final Fantasy series.

Vuitton’s current digital “it girl” is Lightning, a warrior who has traded in her gunblade for designer merchandise—at least temporarily. On the ad pages of a recent Vanity Fair, Lightning can be seen sporting her trademark pink hair and brandishing a metallic leather handbag. The clothes and purse look ordinary, but her skin is smoother than that of even the most excruciatingly photoshopped human woman. Lightning dwells in the uncanny valley; she is real enough to pass as a model, but her dead eyes and perfectly regular features create a subtle sense of unease.

Final Fantasy artist and designer Tetsuya Nomura assisted with Lightning’s design for the advertisement campaign, ensuring that she remains true to her game self. The campaign has been received positively by critics: The Independent‘s Alexander Fury hailed the advertisements as “refreshing” and “noteworthy.”

“They feel new, exciting, even a little unsettling,” he wrote. “It’s all a bit sci-fi, a bit AI, to have computer-generated images modeling our fashion.”

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Stop Coddling My College Students!

It seems like every time I get online I see posts about college students advocating for the restriction of free speech on college campuses. From “safe spaces” to Emory students calling to evaluate teachers on their use of “microaggressions,” sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. It certainly wasn’t that long…
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Will Politicians Block Our Driverless Future? New at Reason

As Ronald Bailey explains in the July issue of Reason:

At a Senate hearing called “Hands Off: The Future of Self-Driving Cars,” most members of the Commerce Committee made it clear that they’ll be hard-pressed to stick to a hands-off approach to regulating driverless cars. As Sen. Ben Nelson (D–Fla.) put it, “In the federal government we have a critical role to make sure that the regulatory environment and legal environment in which American business does business is able to develop and manufacture these vehicles. And also it means that we’re going to have to—in our case—exercise responsible oversight.”

Nelson’s words should strike fear in the hearts of those who are looking forward to playing Scrabble, applying makeup, or reading a Kindle on the freeway. Leading automakers such as Ford, Toyota, and Volvo, plus contending tech companies like Tesla and Google, forecast that self-steering cars will be widely available by 2020, with fully autonomous vehicles less than five years later. Driverless cars have the power to make us richer, less stressed, more independent, and safer.

Unless lawmakers and regulators manage to screw everything up.

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