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Ohio Conservatives: All Bark, No Bite

I did not vote for John Kasich, but that won’t stop me from admitting that he has made a few effective moves as governer.  One of moves was supporting and signing Senate Bill 5.  Similar to what we saw in Wisconsin earlier this year, SB 5 was designed to save Ohioians money, and hold Ohio […]

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A True Horror Story for Halloween

It’s Halloween, so let’s talk about something really scary: our electing leaders without knowing what their political principles are. Sure, they talk about principles and their party’s principles, but in reality they seem to make them up as they go along. Like unicorns, their principles are heard of but never seen. Why don’t they man-up […]

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FBTV: Eat The Rich? No, We Want To BE The Rich!

Do you know why all of these protests like #occupy and Obama’s class warfare rhetoric will fall flat in the end? Because America – unlike any other country – was set up from the get go with NO class or caste system – in America you have a much better chance of becoming rich than […]

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Want Social Control? Move to New Jersey

I recently read an article about how the US is now charging Canadians a fee to enter our country. It got me thinking about the ever-growing Government,  my experiences in New Jersey and how the US is heading down that state’s path as a nation. You may think that the gas station attendant is being […]

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Herman Cain…Where There’s Smoke…

Love him or Hate him, the Herman Cain was on top of the world and the polls last week. So needless to say now stories are being “leaked” about “possible” sexual harassment charges… “In a statement to The Associated Press, his campaign refuted a Politico report that said Cain had been accused of sexually suggestive […]

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What is Freedom of Religion?

Freedom of Religion simply means that neither the government, a religion, nor individual will ever put someone in a position where they have to make a choice between their God and their country. But there will always be those who will pose the same old stupid question, “What are you first? An American or a […]

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Occupy: Forgive Student Loans

I don’t know about you but when you borrow money and promise to pay it back you should do it, or not borrow the money in the first place. Where does this stop: forgiving car loans and mortgages next? Of course, then nothing will have value and the system will collapse – oh yea isn’t […]

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Abortion isn’t the real issue being debated

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on because abortion isn’t the real issue in the so-called abortion debates. The real war is about power. Should the individual states continue to hold this power or should we surrender yet another one of our liberties to the select few in Washington […]

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We’re mad as hell but don’t know who to blame!

We’re mad as hell but don’t know who to blame! The Occupants say they are mad at Wall Street because the giant corporations are getting special favors (bailouts, tax-exemptions, etc) from our government. Really? Wall Street is nothing more than a place where the brokers conduct the transactions for those trading stocks and commodities for […]

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