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Government is an amoral system

We are oppressed by government and most people are unaware of it because they have been taught from childhood the myth that government is a moral system. It is impossible to change what you believe in your heart. If you are taught that democracy means freedom of political choices, you never question it, and the façade of politics serves for reality. But the truth is, government is an amoral system and the sooner we learn this the sooner we can have political freedom.

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Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild (corrupt) ride

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the second quarter of 2016 marked a low point in home ownership. This is at a time when we have had amazingly low interest rates for nearly a decade now, and when stocks are trading around all-time highs. Here you see the difference between an artificial economy and a real one.

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The Carbon Tax: Welfare Triangle, or Welfare Obelisk?

Two recent position papers from the conservative Niskanen Center and the libertarian Cato Institute take diametrically opposite positions on the desirability of a Carbon Tax. Jerry Taylor, president of the Niskanen Center, argues in his 2015 “The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax” that, “conservatives should embrace a carbon tax … in return for…
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