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A Federal Ban On Cell Phones Behind The Wheel

  It seems like the states aren’t working fast enough for some nannies in this country. While multiple states have passed laws banning texting while driving, and a couple banned the use of cell phones all together, some groups and law makers on capital hill are pushing for more drastic measures. There has been a […]

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FBTV: A Warning For All Ron Paul Supporters!!

Don’t fall in TOO much love with Dr. Paul – half of the time I don’t think he is really “in it to win it” – he is really more all about “raising awareness” and “spreading the word” for freedom. My gut sometimes tells me that he is more Barry Goldwater than Ronald Reagan. He […]

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A Prime Example of Government Regulations Stifling Innovation

The following post is brought to you by Dr. Robert W. Christensen  – please help us keep the lights on by visiting our supporters! Here’s an interesting new book that was just released: FDA, you were WRONG! This is a story about a surgeon who invented and patented a medical device for people who suffered from […]

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Is the Establishment Scared?

The SOPA legislation is little more than a crackdown on Internet freedoms. The NDAA, which allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens and basically defines the entire world as a battlefield, is perhaps the most Orwellian legislation in US history. The OWS and other protests are symbols of frustration with the status quo (Relax […]

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Fox News Debate = Waste Of Time

I’m not even finished watching the debate, but I hardly see a need to continue watching.  It seems that no matter what Newt Gingrich says, Iowa voters have already made up their minds.  The man could come out and say, “We need to expand Freddie Mac”, and I’m sure the audience would cheer. So why […]

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Do libertarians believe in Christmas cookies?

I don't know if you people take time out of annoying others about Ron Paul to celebrate Christmas, or if you are the political equivalent of Jehovah's Witnesses. The rest of us “normies” do celebrate Christmas, generally exclusive of Ron Paul. We decorate trees instead of blimps, and we eat a lot without worrying about […]

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The Great White Hope

For twenty years, America has loved him, but only from afar. The man of keen intelligence and brilliant bluster has dirty hands, so while we admire him, we certainly can't invite him to dine at the best table in the land. Yet… We really wish we could. A new survey, conducted by the Republican firm […]

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Reuters backtracks on Soros

Seriously, they changed direction so fast, people actually got whiplash. Yesterday I linked to the Reuters article that claimed Soros was behind the Occupy Wall Street hippies, only to read a few hours later – again on Reuters – that their good buddy Mr. Soros was innocent and wonderful and his poop smells like cotton […]

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