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A Better Choice for 2016: New at Reason

There will be a better choice than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton come November, writes John Stossel:

A recent poll shows that if the election were held today, 11 percent of Americans would vote for a Libertarian, former New Mexico Governor …

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Brickbat: Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat …

Mail truckU.S. Postal Service carrier Glen Grays was making his rounds in Brooklyn when a car almost sideswiped him as he stepped out of his mail truck. He shouted at the driver. Bad move. The car pulled back and the driver told him he was a cop. Then the driver and three other plainclothes police officers in the car with him stepped out, handcuffed Grays and arrested him for disorderly conduct. 

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Donald Trump and the conservative’s burden

As it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee, I have begun asking myself if I would cast a ballot for Trump, despite my many reservations about him, in order to prevent a pathologically dishonest and possibly unbalanced Hillary Clinton from slithering back into the White House? It’s a tricky question.

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A Very Trumpish Day, Scalia’s Death Leads to SCOTUS Deadlock, Obama Lectures Journalists: P.M. Links
  • TrumpAll sorts of things happened today and then Trump’s circus took over when his campaign manager was charged with battery against reporter Michelle Fields. We are blaming that for today’s late links, because … well, because.
  • Justice Antonin Scalia’s death resulted in a deadlocked Supreme Court vote over whether public employee unions can force people to pay mandatory dues even if they don’t want to be in the union. The result is that the previous court ruling holds, and that ruling affirmed the unions’ power to force dues.
  • A teen boy who pleaded for an end to violence in Chicago has been shot. He’s in critical condition.
  • Families of U.S. military and diplomats in southern Turkey have been ordered to leave the country.
  • President Barack Obama presumed to tell journalists to “dig deeper” for news stories, which is absolutely hilarious for any reporter who has tried to get information from his close-mouthed, antitransparent administration that prosecutes whistleblowers.
  • Google wants to bring landlines back.

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Reporters fire back after ‘most transparent’ president’s lecture on journalism

President Barack Obama on Monday lashed out at U.S. reporters for failing to “dig deeper and to demand more” from the current crop of presidential candidates. Members of the press quickly bit back at the leader of the “most transparent” administration in U.S. history.

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