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Brickbat: Who’s Your Daddy?

gavelJoe Vandusen and his wife separated almost two decades ago and have hardly even spoken since. But they never divorced. That’s why the Iowa Department of Human Services is billing him for child support for the child his wife gave birth to last year. He says he called the department to explain he could not possibly be the father and offered to take a paternity test to prove it. That’s when he was told it didn’t matter. Under Iowa law, a father is responsible financially for any child born in his marriage.

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Words ‘illegal’ and ‘alien’ banished from public libraries

Pro-immigration groups have successfully pressured the United States Library of Congress to remove the words “illegal” and “alien” from materials because the words are considered “pejorative” to people who enter the country illegally. The move will affect all U.S. libraries.

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Nuclear Weapon Summit Is Probably Pointless, Mississippi Passes Broad Religious Freedom Bill, State Department Was Mean on Twitter: P.M. Links
  • BombWorld leaders have gathered in D.C. to discuss curbing the threat of nuclear weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin is not there, so not much is expected to happen.
  • Mississippi’s legislature has passed a new religious freedom law that would forbid the state from punishing some conduct and discrimination in opposition to same-sex marriage and some other LGBT situations. The law protects businesses who provide wedding-related goods and services, but also permits therapists and doctors to refuse to assist transgender people with their issues (but only related to transitioning), prohibits clerks from being punished for refusing to license same-sex marriages, and a host of other things. Rather than declaring this law is “better” or “worse” than what has been going on in other states, here’s a link to the text for you to read yourself.
  • Serbian politician Vojislav Seselj has been acquitted of playing any role in the murders, persecutions and atrocities against thousands of Muslims that took place in Eastern Europe in the 1990s.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people in France are protesting labor reforms that would give employers more power to negotiate work hours. Mind you, France’s unemployment rate is still in double digits.
  • Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign is trying to get Gov. John Kasich dumped from the Montana primary ballot by questioning the validity of signatures.
  • The State Department has apologized for a tweet that suggested that not everybody is supermodel gorgeous as part of an effort to warn folks overseas from being lured into scams or robberies. So this is where we are.
  • The California Assembly has approved the proposed $15 minimum wage plan, 48-26.

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Why America Would Be Richer and Safer If Europe Paid For Its Own Defense: New at Reason

Earlier this year, at the South Carolina Republican debate, Sen. Marco Rubio rattled off a list of the three top threats he’d want to address as president.

First: North Korea. Second: ISIS. “And the third is rebuilding and reinvigorating NATO in the European theater,” he said, “particularly in Central Europe and in Eastern Europe” as a counterbalance to Russian power.

The moderator didn’t allow any of Rubio’s competitors to respond to this trio, but had he been permitted to speak, Donald Trump may well have raised an objection to that third point. “Pulling back from Europe would save this country millions of dollars annually,”he recently said. “The cost of stationing NATO troops in Europe is enormous. And these are clearly funds that can be put to better use.”

Trump is hardly a foreign policy maven—ricocheting as he does between calls for restraint and open planning of war crimes—but on this point he gets it right: What Rubio is advocating is not so much defense as it is expanded subsidy of the European welfare state.

Indeed, writes American Security Initiative Foundation Fellow Bonnie Kristian, NATO’s European wing is notorious for its freeloading on American military might, a longstanding habit of bilking U.S. taxpayers for defense while throwing good money after bad on expansive social engineering projects.

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