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Thanks, Hillary

Since we’ve established that Hillary’s so super-duper, extra-important, and neat-o, that pesky details like the law don’t apply to her; she won’t have to waste time pretending she’s anything like us unwashed rubes, and we won’t have to waste time pretending we appreciate her efforts.

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The USA’s Trifurcated Legal System

The FBI’s recommendation against the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her wanton, illegal mishandling of classified information in her emails puts on display once again the reality of the so-called rule of law in the USA. This reality is, above all, that the system is trifurcated: there is effectively one set of rules for…
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Trump Coy About Actually Being President, Clinton’s FBI Interview Wasn’t Sworn In, Veteran Suicide Figures Calculated: P.M. Links
  • Donald TrumpSo apparently among the things Donald Trump is willing to negotiate is whether he’ll actually serve as president if he wins the election.
  • In a hearing with lawmakers, FBI Director James Comey said they did not record Hillary Clinton’s interview and did not swear her in. This would not prohibit criminal penalties if she were determined to be lying (which is why you never agree to an interview with the FBI without a lawyer present).
  • Gary Johnson thinks Clinton’s email scandal was a case of bad judgment and not necessarily due to criminal intent.
  • A Georgia judge has dropped the charges she filed against a newspaper publisher who filed open records requests to see checks drawn by her office.
  • More folks are waking up to the fact that high-speed rail is a costly, terrible idea.
  • A study by the Department of Veterans Affairs determined that an average of 20 American military vets commit suicide every day.

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