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Swine Flu and Fly Bys

I tell you – I never used to believe in conspiracy theories. I used to think, nah, there is no way the government was smart enough to do something like that. But now, since 9/11, I have to think the unthinkable: swine flu a way of culling the population? FEMA camps? Thousands of coffins ready […]

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Obama: Don’t Blame Me – The Last Straw Before Socialism

Obama’s strategy: don’t blame ME, I wasn’t around when this stuff was happening. Napoletano says blame Canada, since the 9/11 hijackers came through Canada. I agree! Lets blame Canada since their totally open immigration policy lets anyone into the country for any reason. Why? They NEED MONEY! all of the socialist nations need to bring […]

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Earth Day – Patient America – Obama As Kevorkian

A real mish mash today. I’m having real trouble getting amused. I mean, its not easy to laugh when America is dying on the operating table and the Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Frank Axis of Evil are administering the poison, Kevorkian style.  Will we devolve into lumps of flesh which simply are born, consume media and die, completely dependent […]

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My Earth Day To Do List…

On this Earth Day, while everyone else is hugging a tree, replacing their bulbs with fluorescent and not driving their big ass SUVs, I’ll be doing this. We are a pimple on Mother Natures ass, people.

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All Politicians Are On The Take

Obama actually cuts something, buts its so tiny its an insult. $100M out of a multi trillion dollar budget? Thats like one latte a month. Then he asks for $100B for the IMF, more global wealth distribution. The producers pay and pay, as usual. What can we do? How do we change this? I mean […]

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Obama and Chavez: Dos Hermanos

Obama and Chavez sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Have you ever seen a sitting President toady to our enemies as much as this guy. First he bows to the Saudi king, then he gives away military secrets, now hes playing kissyface with a guy who is nationalizing industries and is calling for the death of […]

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Commander-In-Chief Reveals Military Secrets

I never thought I’d ever see the day I’d see traitorous behavior from our Commander-In-Chief. Has this ever happened before in the history of this country? In the history of ANY country? Tell me how this isn’t considered traitorous? We are at war. What country at war gives away military secrets? OK, so Obama doesn’t […]

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Tax Day Tea Party: Whats Next?

Even though the Tea Party was awesome, where do we go from here? I don’t see how a completely uninterested government – supposedly OUR EMPLOYEES – completely ignore this upsurge of populist rage. It’s funny how Obama uses populist rage to slam bankers and GM, but does not listen to THE PEOPLE. What do we […]

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