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A Glimpse into the College Entitlement Mentality

Should a college education be a handout or something earned? A recent feature in The New Yorker Magazine provides a sobering glimpse of things to come if advocates of “free college” get their way. In his feature article “The Big Uneasy,” author Nathan Heller interviewed several Oberlin College students who demanded, among other things,…
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The Libertarian Party Moment: New at Reason

Matt Welch writes in the latest issue of Reason:

There are moments when marginalized movements stumble blinkingly out into the sunlight of the mainstream. Sudden breakthroughs of national acceptance, or at least tolerance, for once-outré ideas can be disorienting to activists who nurtured the lonely flame in the long darkness. Accustomed to brandishing their marginalization, their otherness, like a defiant and colorful shield against a hostile world—think gay pride parades in 1970s San Francisco—these frontline revolutionaries sometimes feel conflicted about the very success they’ve longed for. It’s like the marijuana activists who felt upstaged when California dispensary owner Richard Lee jumped the gun on fully legal recreational marijuana with Proposition 19. Hey, who’s this newcomer? Why is he discounting our decades of experience?

I heard many similar sentiments at the L.P. convention, and not only from the radicals.

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