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Brickbat: Crime of Fashion

pig hatDutch police detained Edwin Wagensveld, of the anti-immigrant Pegida group, for “provocative behavior” during a protest of a refugee center in Ede. Wagensveld put on a hat shaped like a pig’s head after cops ordered another protestor to take it off.

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Police Shoot and Kill Fleeing Suspect in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Day City Council Was to Discuss Body Cams for Cops

Relatives are claiming details about today’s police shooting and killing of 24-year-old father of two Akiel Denkins that are damning to the police, including that Denkins was shot in the back while fleeing.

As per the account from local TV station WRAL, Denkins had three previous drug convictions and was supposedly wanted on another felony drug charge.

An eyewitness says he started running upon seeing a police officer, and the officer then chased him and “started shooting at him” when Denkins had leaped over a fence the officer could not.

Denkins’ mother, Rolanda Byrd, based on accounts she says she got from eyewitnesses, says her son was running, was shot in the back seven times, and had no gun.

The Raleigh News & Observer report, which also finds a named ear-witness, Louis Rodriguez, who says:

“I heard somebody say, ‘Stop, stop,’ then I heard, like, six shots,” Rodriguez said. “Then I heard the screams. Man, it was loud.”

The story also states the current outstanding warrant was for not showing up in court on an October cocaine possession with intent to distribute arrest.

The police so far are releasing few details, except that a gun was found “in close proximity to” Denkins’ corpse. They have so far said nothing about the gun being aimed or the officer feeling threatened, but then again they’ve said very little at all.

Somewhat ironically, as per this statement from the state branch of the ACLU, the Raleigh City Council was scheduled to discuss getting their police fitted with body cameras of the sort that can at least help settle the argued facts in situations like that—if not always make things better for police, or aggrieved citizens. According to that ACLU statement, rather than hitting the topic with added vigor, the Council chose to avoid it after the Denkins shooting.

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Justice Thomas Pipes Up in Court, Christie Victorious in Union Pension Fight, Super Tuesday Looms: P.M. Links
  • Unless he's secretly a psychic medium channeling Scalia's ghost.In perhaps an unexpected consequence of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing, Justice Clarence Thomas shocked observers by actually asking questions during an oral argument today. He is famously quiet and has not asked a question during oral hearings in 10 years.
  • The Supreme Court declined to get involved in the fight between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the state’s public unions over the governor’s decision to skip a massive payment into the state’s pension funds.
  • Going into Super Tuesday tomorrow, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are dominating the polls for their parties.
  • A Navy SEAL who helped rescue an American hostage in Afghanistan received a Medal of Honor today at a White House ceremony.
  • The mayor of Philadelphia wants a tax on sugary drinks to help pay for universal pre-kindergarten and for a green jobs plan.
  • Company SodaStream has had to lay off a ton of Palestinian workers, its chief executive officer says, because it has been the target of an international boycott against businesses with ties to Israel.
  • Japan has indicted three power company executives for negligence for their roles in the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in 2011.
  • A nanny in Moscow was arrested after apparently waving around the head of a 4-year-old girl near a subway entrance and yelling that she’s a terrorist.

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