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My Lunch With Hillary: New at Reason

John Stossel once had lunch with Hillary Clinton and the two argued over regulations.
He writes:

Being a provocateur, I brought up a local controversy: Some Chinese workers were sleeping in old shipping containers, four to a container. They h…

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Brickbat: Last Words

Chicago PoliceChicago police say they are sorry they destroyed the final messages Nicole Porter wrote to her parents before committing suicide. Police sent the parents copies of two notes Porter wrote to them but kept the originals as part of their investigation. They promised to give the notes to the parents after the investigation was over but destroyed them instead. “It was the last ‘I love you’ she ever said to us. It’s the last physical thing she ever left for us,” said her mother.

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Social Justice Classes, New Zelda Game, Was Omar Mateen Gay? P.M. Links
  • LinkA black sixth grader is suing her school after a group of boys put a rope around her neck and dragged her, causing scars.
  • FBI investigating Omar Mateen’s sexuality.
  • President Obama calls Donald Trump “dangerous.”
  • At UMass-Amherst, “social justice training” is a prerequisite.
  • Read Popehat (and Reason contributing editor) Ken White on why Peter Thiel’s crusade against Gawker is worrisome.
  • Nintendo unveiled the trailer for the next installment of the popular Zelda franchise—The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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