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A.M. Links: Indiana Primary, Teacher Strike Closes Detroit Public Schools, World Press Freedom Day
  • Most public schools in Detroit are closed due a teachers’ strike that’s now entering its second day.
  • “The search for missing art stolen more than two decades ago from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum has taken FBI agents to six continents around the world. But the most active lead seems to be in the backyard of an aging mobster in a small town in Connecticut.”

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Government Targets Vaping: New at Reason

Vaping has helped a lot of people stop smoking cigarettes, advancing the cause of harm reduction. So of course the government is looking to target vaping

J.D. Tuccille reports:

The FDA’s proposed rules, which could officially take effect anytime, would (among other things) require that any vaping products introduced after February 15, 2007 would have to be pulled from the market and reintroduced only after working their way through an approval process established by hostile government nags.

That regulatory gauntlet is almost certain to not only inconvenience vapers, but favor large, established companies accustomed to negotiating bureaucratic mazes—such as tobacco companies.

The FDA’s attitude can probably be predicted by the warnings it has been issuing about the lack of regulation (a gap it’s more than willing to fill) and invitations for tales of “adverse events” with e-cigarettes.

The only thing currently standing in the way of prohibition (and crony capitalism) by regulation is an amendment to the agriculture appropriations bill that would leave vaping products subject to regulation, but would eliminate the requirement that products introduced after the magic 2007 date undergo pre-market approval.

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Brickbat: Legal Tender

Danesiah Neal, 13, said a police officer with the Fort Bend, Texas, school district told her she could face felony forgery charges after trying to pay for some chicken nuggets at school with a 1953 $2 bill. The officer apparently did not recog…

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A collapse in South America places the U.S. in great danger

If an economic system collapses in the woods and no one is paying attention, are there any consequences outside the woods? Well, yes, of course. The collapse in South America that almost no one in the mainstream seems to be paying attention to will likely lead to our own mass flood of illegal immigrants in addition to the millions already crossing our borders.

The post A collapse in South America places the U.S. in great danger appeared first on Personal Liberty®.

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Warren Buffet’s Non Sequitur on Taxes

Here’s an article about Warren Buffet’s well-known view that the rich should pay more in taxes. His bottom-line argument is, “If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.” I don’t disagree. My disagreement with Buffet is the implication that being…
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