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Top Democrat sounds alarm over shady FBI program

With the stated purpose of ferreting out extremists living in the United States, the FBI has set up secretive Shared Responsibility Committees (SRC) to collaborate with law enforcement and community leaders throughout the nation. But little is known about how the committees operate or whether they serve a broader, more nefarious purpose.

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Art vs. Junk: New at Reason

The Guggenheim in New York has a new exhibit, a solid gold, working toilet titled “Maurizio Cattelan: ‘America’.”
A. Barton Hinkle writes:

That is tiresomely predictable, and about as clever as Internet trolls referring to Barack Obama as “Ob…

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Obama’s DAPA Mess: New at Reason

Liberals will undoubtedly blame partisanship on the bench if the Supreme Court overrules DAPA, President Obama’sHispanics Love America executive order handing temporary legal status to some 11 million undocumented aliens. But they’ll be wrong.

This is not because the president did not have strong legal grounds for what he did. He, in fact, did. It is that he went about issuing his order in the most ham-handed fashion possible, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia. Ths made it very difficult for his counsel, Solicitor General Verrilli, to mount an effective court defense recently. Verrilli was forced to explain political statements by the president that deflected from the legal argument. If Obama really wanted offer relief to beleaguered illegals rather than keep the issue alive for the November elections, he should have quitely issued guidance, rather than beat the drums with misgudied comments calculated to score political credit with Latinos.

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