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Media Campaigns Hard for Obama

Excellent article and oh so true. No longer can we trust any media… Excerpt: The mainstream media have gone over the line and are now straight-out propagandists for the Obama campaign. While they have been liberal and blinkered in their worldview for decades, in 2007-08, for the first time, the major media consciously are covering […]

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Fail Is Good.

The point is, ladies and gentleman, that failure– for lack of a better word — is good. Fail is right. Fail works. Fail clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Fail, in all of its forms — failure in life, in the pursuit of money, in love, in the pursuit of […]

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The John McCain/Ron Paul Phone Call

JM: Congressman RP: Senator JM: I know that you don’t agree with me, and I know that you won’t throw your vote behind me, but please God don’t support one thrid party, or bring some kind of coalition of thrid parties together, because you know what that means, whats going to happen. It will be […]

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Video Show#16: McCain Lies, Sarah Palin The Twist

[youtube=] Once again, the GOP comes out with the same pack of lies that they tried to feed us back in 2004 with the ownership society meme. Preach rolling back government, preach standing beside us instead of in our way. All lies and BS. Sarah Palin is the twist in the reality show which is […]

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Video Show #15: Sarah Palin Wows Everyone: Stiletto With A Smile

[youtube=] By all accounts, even Democrats thought Sarah Palin did a kick ass job last night. The big difference between Obama and Palin: no one was talking and laughing about his speech last week. This one will be talked about and laughed about. The Democrats have got to put more humor in their communications, otherwise […]

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Future Agonistes

It is times like these, when everything is being torn down around you, and you are being torn apart (see some of the horrific stuff on my YouTube comments), that you have a sense that something might happen to just push you over the edge. And maybe change your whole world view. You have been […]

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Video Show #12: Sarah Palin A Game Changer, Kicks Ass, Takes Names

[youtube=] All of you out there who say McCain picked Palin because she is a young, devout, gun-toting woman are sadly mistaken. That’s the sizzle, but the steak is the fact that that Sarah Palin actually kicked ass and took names in her short term as the Governor of Alaska. Plus:people say she is a […]

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