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Soak The Rich: Destroy The Economy

Once again, the Democrats are bringing out the old class warfare slide, even though they are 100% aware that it is the rich that create jobs, they are still into taxing the life out of them. Here we go again with another economics example: Rich person has money If rich person is heavily taxed, then […]

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Texas and jobs: The Lone Star State is a jobs engine

You know, job creation is not rocket science. Economics is not really all that complicated, once you understand a few things: 1. People create jobs, not governments 2. If government were to simply get out of the way of the people, they would start businesses who will create jobs So really the process is: 1. […]

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America and Europe sinking together

Like I said: look to Europe for our future: riots, austerity, shutdowns. This is our future, unless we seriously do something about our debt crisis, we will be there as well. Simply a change of regime back to the GOP (they are just as guilty of not taking our economic problems seriously enough) and the […]

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Obama Raffle Video Not Legal, Election Law Experts Say

Does anyone still act surprised when Obama breaks the law: he must do it on a daily basis by now. — A video of President Barack Obama filmed in the White House and included in a fundraising e-mail sent to supporters is not legal, two election law experts told via Obama Raffle Video Not Legal, Election […]

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Happy Canada Day!

Yup, today is Canada Day. On this very day, instead of a revolutionary war fighting off the tyranny of an overarching state, a bunch of gentlemen sat down and penned a document, basically letting the Dominion of Canada do a few things on its own, resulting in the motto “peace and good government” Ah yes, […]

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Campaigner-in-Chief Scolds Congress for Work Ethic

This from the guy who just finished up his 74th round of golf. Puh-leese! — Obama swiped and swatted at Republicans for intransigence, reprising his previous attack lines on fiscal confrontations, suggesting that Democrats were ready to make sacrifices but Republicans were radical and self-seeking. That stuff is pretty much expected in Obama’s Washington. The […]

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President discovers the 10th Amendment while undermining it

Oh good: I hope this means his days of “governing” are over. We could use a lot less governing by this guy. — It’s easy to tell when campaign season has begun. At a press conference Wednesday, President Obama appeared to show an appreciation for the limitations of federal power and respect for the self-regulating capabilities of […]

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Rubio Blasts Obama: Left-Wing Strong Man

Marco: keep kicking ass and naming names: we need that — Unlike so many first turns in the upper chamber, Rubio’s stirring remarks, which celebrated American exceptionalism, caught fire. The Florida Republican’s words were cited by Senate colleagues and championed by conservatives. To no one’s surprise, the push to put Rubio on the 2012 ticket […]

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