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Populist Fascism and the Politics of Class Resentment

A while back one could have heard the masses chanting lustily, “Peron, Peron, Peron!” Today the masses can be heard chanting with equal fervor, “Trump, Trump, Trump!” And their gut feelings would seem to be much the same. Their dyspepsia springs, they suppose, from the evil machinations of the oligarchs whose actions have denied…
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Why Scalia’s Death Is Terrible News for Undocumented Immigrants: New at Reason

The Obama executive order deferring deportation proceedings against some five million undocumented is now before the Supremes and liberals areScalia ecstatic that Justice Antonin Scalia had the decency to die before the case was heard. They regard Scalia as an inveterate bigot who would have ruled against Obama because he had made comments questioning the order. However, that is far from clear, notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia. It is true that Scalia seems to have hinted that he was against the order. But George Mason University’s Ilya Somin notes that that’s because Obama has acted in a Caesar-like fashion so many times that Scalia’s knee-jerk reaction was understandable.  “If a woman accuses a serial philanderer of unwelcome advances, one’s first reaction is to believe her even if the philanderer is innocent,” jokes Somin.

The truth of the matter, says Dalmia, is that Scalia was a reasonable man who, at the end of the day, cared less about ideology and more about his judicial philosophy of textualism. So he would have been persuadable by strong statutory arguments that the president was acting within the law. And such arguments do exist, regardless of what conservatives (such as Marco Rubio in Tursday’s debate who kept insisting that DACA — deferred deportation against childhood arrivals — was “unconstititonal”) would have you believe.

What’s more, Scalia’s endorsement would have gone a long way toward calming the hot passions on this issue, she notes. Without it, even if Obama wins this court battle, he’ll lose the broader immigration war, which will be bad for immigrants and bad for the country.

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