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866 – Oh That Bush – Soros Not The Only Puppet Master

On Today’s Show: Thinking about George W. Do I want him back? No. Is he better than Obama? Marginally. In fact, I’d say that I can’t really suggest any better Presidents in the last 150 years. Glenn Beck does a whole set of shows around George Soros. First of all, what’s with the school room […]

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852 – We Are The Scrappy Rebel Alliance, They Are The Empire

On Today’s Show: It’s the Empire Strikes Back Edition Theres no recession on Corusant – in Washington that is. The empire is striking back, says Obama, referring to us. No, I think HE is the emperoro, actually. Poll: many Obama supporters detecting to GOP Rule by executive order? Maybe he will become emperor after all […]

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850 – ObamaCare Fallout – America Saves Chilean Miners

On Today’s Show: Yes, we remember the people who voted for ObamaCare. And now we vote too. Them Out, that is Do you know what actually saved the Chilean miners? American ingenuity. The Parisians are revolting The government is behind ALL pain really. You don’t have to go far to get to Pain = Government […]

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