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Scalia, Bestiality and SCOTUS Upholding Bend Over and Spread Em Sexual Assaults by the Police

The media is buzzing over Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s outrageous comment equating homosexuality to bestiality. Same-Sex Meets Same Scalia: Scalia Reaffirms Comparison of Homosexuality To Bestiality U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was at it again yesterday. I have previously criticized Scalia’s apparent insatiable appetite for public notoriety, including violating judicial ethical rules by discussing […]

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The Reason For America’s Decline

An excellent explanation from Liberty Investor For years, historians have argued about the reasons for America’s decline. What could have caused the United States, which held so much promise when it was born in 1776, to become the desolate, barren wasteland we now have? We finally know the answer. Last week, a janitor was clearing […]

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Making the World Safe for Capitalism

Bush was partly right. Democracy is important. But I’d argue that if anything capitalism may even be more important. You see, democracy is only half of the picture. Remember Bush’s vaunted “War on tyranny” everywhere? This is yet another one of the marketing slogans he used, right alongside the “ownership society”. So we are fighting […]

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When The State Meddles, Everyone Loses. One Example.

When two or more people agree to do something, we make agreements, verbal or otherwise. When we make these agreements, we should follow through with those agreements, unless one party of the other violates the spirit of the agreements. That is what is known as integrity: You promise to do something You do it. What […]

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Democratic Socialists vs. America First Populists

“It’s time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington. To help build a new foundation for the 21st century, we need to reform our government so that it is more efficient, more transparent, and more creative. That will demand new thinking and a new sense of responsibility for every dollar that […]

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Marijuana: A Winning GOP Issue?

Listen up, GOP! If you are interested in staying relevant – you must become more libertarian. Most people ARE libertarian underneath, they just don’t admit it! Plus, smoking pot is not going to kill this country, but our debt is. If marijuana advocates have come down at all since last months victories in Colorado and Washington, […]

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Forward 1917 – 2012

A picture worth a thousand words. The Obama slogan for 2012 is in and it’s “Forward.” The left has always been enamored of “Forwardism” or “Progressivism” which mean much the same thing. Before MSNBC had “Lean Forward,” Mao had the Great Leap Forward, which killed some 40 million people, far more people than MSNBC can ever dream of tuning […]

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Man Asks White House to Formalize His ‘Micronation’ in Nevada

Of course my question is – does he really need to ask the White House, or just the state of Nevada? Don’t the states right trump the federal governments? Among the people using the White House’s We the People petition site to seek independence from the United States is Kevin Baugh, “president” of the “micronation” […]

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Multiculturalism Is A Failure, But We Are Doing It Anyways…

Do you know one of the reasons why America is better than every other country? It’s pretty simple. America has a “melting pot” and most other countries are into “multiculturalism” What are the differences you ask? Melting Pot: (from Wikipedia) In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the metaphor of a “crucible” or “(s)melting pot” was […]

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