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A.M. Links: Brussels Attack, Iraq Battles ISIS, Cruz vs. Trump
  • Belgian authorities are reportedly hunting for a second terrorist they believe was involved in the Brussels subway attack.
  • “The announcement by the Belgian authorities that they had confiscated more than 30 pounds of the explosive TATP from a dwelling used by the attackers in Brussels was, in some ways, an expected development. But it contained one detail that bomb-disposal technicians and security officials regarded with surprise: the quantity of the particular explosive involved.”
  • Iraqi forces have launched an offensive to retake Mosul from ISIS.
  • Syrian forces are currently battling ISIS for control of the ancient city of Palmyra.
  • Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump: “An increasingly ugly battle that will now likely drag through the final primary in California, if not beyond.”
  • Donald Trump is currently “the only political entity less popular than Congress and the GOP.”

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Brickbat: Sugar, Sugar

SodaShare prices for British soda makers and distributors plunged after the government announced plans for a tax on drinks with sugar in them. The tax will be 25 to 34 cents per liter depending on the amount of sugar. Fruit juices and milk-based drinks will be exempt from the tax. 

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Apple Encryption and the Erosion of Privacy

In the wake of the terror attack in San Bernardino late last year, the FBI and other government agents set out to uncover as much information about the attackers as possible. After searching the suspects’ home, speaking with the families of the perpetrators, and looking for other clues, authorities had uncovered a great deal…
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