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Video Show #8: To Kill It, Legalize It

show 8 Obama does say one good thing, he wants to “decriminalize” marijuana, of course he doesn’t go far enough. I tell you, the best way to win the War On Drugs is to simply legalize it and tax the crap out of it. The surest way to kill the power in something is to […]

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Video Show #7: Wasted Opportunity

[youtube=] I’m reading The Obama Nation, considering Obamas background, its very sad that he couldn’t really use his background properly and present himself as a true post-racial, post-religious candidate.

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Video Show #5: New BHO Contest Details

Details on my new Barack Hussein Obama contest. Hear me say Barack, Hussein or Obama anytime on my show between August 22nd, 2008 and August 31st, 2008 and be the first one to send me the show number and minute mark that I said it and you get a choice of one of these three […]

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Communism is not gone – it’s just entered a new phase…

Interesting take here on another libertarian leaning blog, Stiff Right Jab. Middle of the post where it describes … “Gorbachev was not abandoning Marxist-Leninism, but taking it into a “new stage,” a stage requiring a turn back to Leninism, and its greater attention to the progressive flexibility of the communist dialectic. A flexibility that Gorbachev […]

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IOC Dealing With The Devil…

turns out the IOC knew all about Chinas U-turn on free internet access. IOC admits Internet censorship deal with China I never had much respect for the euro-weenies on the IOC, but now its at a new low. Aiding and abetting a freedom restricting regime like China, and doing its under the auspices of a […]

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What Media Bias?

Networks Tilted 10-1 in Obama’s Favor Why are they trying SO hard to convince us of? If they guy was qualified, would he really NEED 3+ 24×7 network coverage in order to convince us of that fact. Methinks perhaps they are trying to baffle us with BS? Read the article. CBS gave McCain 10 seconds […]

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Homeless For Obama

More homeless people expected to vote this fall “Among the record number of voters expected to cast ballots this fall may be an increase from an often-invisible population — the homeless. Advocacy groups and shelters across the country have stepped up efforts to register the 3.5 million people who drift in and out of homelessness […]

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