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Romney To Knock Out Obama Tomorrow

At least he has the opportunity to do so in tomorrow night’s debate. In the last debate we saw Obama go on record to say that he knew the Benghazi attack was an act of terrorism prior to his stepping out onto the Rose Garden… and Candy backed him up. The smiling Romney knew he […]

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About those Death Panels

So here we are, two weeks out from the election. Unprecedented debt is crippling the country, terrorists continue to breathe down our necks, Joe Biden is giggling like a schoolgirl, Hillary is under the bus, and Obama is distracting us from all this with “binders.” Meantime, over in far-flung places that have had government mandated […]

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An Obama Win Means The Takers Will Outnumber The Producers

When Romney mentions the 47% who take from the government he is stating a fact, that is the percent of Americans who get free stuff from the government. When you are getting free stuff, why would you vote to stop getting free stuff? Makes sense, right? So everyone says, I guess he just dissed half […]

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Welfare Nation

  It’s unclear exactly how long the US welfare state can last but what is known is that it is collapsing in Europe while accelerating in the US. The cradle to the grave welfare model is an unsustainable big fail. Welfare Nation Roughly 100 million people—one-third of the U.S. population—receive aid from at least one […]

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Binders Full of Women? Seriously?

Wow, it’s not often that I’m right, but only a few days ago I figured that the only way that Obama would be able to save himself was to latch on to some internet meme and try to tide that to victory. Forget about the debt, forget about terror attacks, forget about attempts to take […]

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Report: Welfare government’s single largest budget item in FY 2011 at approx. $1.03 trillion

  The welfare-warfare state is destroying America, it’s destroying the purchasing power of the dollar and it’s destroying our prosperity. Republicans love endless wars and Democrats love endless socialism. The Greeks are learning what happens when government can no longer deliver on its entitlement promises but Americans trust that their government will continue forever to […]

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Obamacare And The Senior Swindle Scandal

Obamacare is in the news again and like so many previous stories, this one is scandalous, too. The accusation, commonly called the Senior Swindle, is that to salvage votes from seniors, a large and reliable voting population, the Obama administration constructed a temporary payment program to funnel $8 billion to them between now and 2014. […]

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French Government Moves To Ban Homework To Achieve Social Equality

All that French Liberté, égalité, fraternité will end up creating another bloody revolution. French Government Moves To Ban Homework To Achieve Social Equality French President François Hollande has attracted considerable international attention in his new tax policies including a 75% tax rate for super wealthy citizens. Now, Hollande is moving to eradicate another inequity between […]

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