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Terror Attacks in Brussels Airport and Metro Leave Dozens Dead My heart is heavy. As I get older, I get less sure. I don’t understand this. I know it’s not just American foreign policy, or just a violent, political interpretation Islam, or just economic forces or just immigration (Donald Trump). It’s a bunch of things. I … [Read more…]

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A.M. Links: Terrorist Attacks in Brussels, Obama Speech in Cuba, Trump and Clinton ‘Viewed Negatively at Historic Levels’
  • Multiple terrorist attacks have struck the Belgian capital city of Brussels. At least 15 people were killed by an explosion at a Brussels subway station and at least 11 people were killed by two explosions at the Brussels airport. Many more people are injured. At least one of the airport explosions is believed to have been the work of a suicide bomber.
  • According to a new poll, “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton register net negative ratings in double digits, indicating the front-runners for each party’s presidential nominations are viewed negatively at historic levels.”
  • Bill Clinton: Hillary can “put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.”
  • Edward Snowden: “I didn’t use Microsoft machines when I was in my operational phase, because I couldn’t trust them.”

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Why Does South Africa Need Armed Forces?: New at Reason

The South African government’s first major spending project post-apartheid was revamping the military. Marian Tupy asks why the country spends so much on its military:

Three reasons come to mind. First, the nation’s military is a massively inefficient jobs program that soaks up some of the country’s unemployed and a patronage system that provides sinecures to the lackeys of the ANC government. Second, it offers marvelous opportunities for self-enrichment to the country’s corrupt elite, which negotiates arms purchases from foreign suppliers.  Third, it is a status symbol. All serious nations have a military and so must South Africa—whether it needs one or not.

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Brickbat: Until Morale Improves

Anthony RobinsonFormer DeKalb County, Georgia, police sergeant Anthony Robinson has been sentenced to two years in prison followed by eight years probation after being convicted of violation of oath of office, simple battery and simple assault. Robinson ordered other officers to beat a handcuffed teen suspected of burglary and ordered and took part in beatings of three other teen suspects.

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