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#82 We Are A Pimple On Mother Natures Ass

[youtube=] Whenever we have anything but totally wonderful weather, the climate nuts are out in full force proclaiming mans role is so-called global warming (oh I forgot since they have no idea if we cause warming or cooling they re-branded this wacko movement climate change). Listen people, its all question of scale: we are simply […]

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#74 Obama Loves Amnesty For Criminal Aliens – $30000 Ring: Fact Or Crap – No Hospital Records In Hawaii

[youtube=] In picking pro-amnesty Janet Napolitano for the Secretary of the Dept of Homeland Security, Obama shows his hand on what he believes in when it comes to immigration – rewarding criminal aliens for being in this country illegally, thumbing his nose in the face of all of those of us who came to this […]

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