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President Trump Would Be Worse Than President Clinton: New at Reason

David Harsanyi argues a Trump presidency could be even worse than a Clinton one. While a Clinton administration would likely face gridlock, Trump could be more effective:

Just as some Republicans are already warming to the idea of his candidacy, the temptation in Congress to follow “Trumpism”—a philosophy based on the vagaries of one man—will be strong. Trump’s inclination is never to free Americans from the state, but rather to do a better job administering the state (“we’re gonna take care of everybody!”) through great deals and assertive leadership. Or in other words, everything the Founding Fathers didn’t want the presidency to be.

So, while gridlock will still hold up most of the issues conservatives care about, chances are high—considering his long history of supporting big government—that Trump would try and cobble together a populist coalition for the polices that conservatives hate. This will end up marginalizing ideological conservatism from within the party.

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Oscar Tax Breaks: New at Reason

Who will win at the Oscars Sunday night? Not taxpayers, writes Jared Meyer:

Film is a heavily subsidized industry, and the majority of states have tax incentive programs that lower the cost of production. These tax credits are determined by production costs, not profits, and many credits are transferrable or refundable. When a film’s tax liabilities are below its allotted refundable credits, taxpayers end up directly paying film companies the difference.

The Martian, one of this year’s nominees, cost $108 million to produce and was filmed in California, Texas, and Louisiana. All three states have film tax credit programs, but Louisiana’s 40 percent partially-transferrable credit is the largest.

New York’s fully-refundable 30 percent film tax credit is the most generous in the nation, with an annual limit of $420 million. Brooklyn and Bridge of Spies, two of this year’s nominees, were filmed in New York, and their budgets were $12 million and $40 million, respectively.

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