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Who’s the Bigger Witch Doctor? Gerald Friedman or Paul Krugman?

Conflict has erupted among left-progressive economists over a study touting the alleged benefits of Bernie Sanders’s proposals. Specifically, the Sanders campaign was happily citing UMass at Amherst economist Gerald Friedman’s 53-page analysis (released on January 28) that projected the eccentric candidate would deliver amazing economic performance–especially for the middle class and poor–over the first ten…
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Sandoval Rejects Supreme Court Consideration, Microsoft Supports Apple Against Feds, Kasich Not So Much a ‘Uniter’ in Ohio: P.M. Links
  • Get to know the governor of ... oh, never mind.Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he doesn’t want to be a human sacrifice to be devoured by an angry, hungry Senate. Or rather, he doesn’t want to be considered as justice for the Supreme Court. Same thing.
  • Residents of Ohio may raise an eyebrow (or both) at the idea of Gov. John Kasich as the “uniter” among all the candidates in the primary.
  • FBI head James Comey said the debate over trying to force Apple to help them hack into terrorist Syed Farook’s former work phone revolves around “The hardest question [he’s] ever seen in government.”
  • Microsoft, meanwhile, “wholeheartedly” supports Apple’s side in the fight and will be filing a friend of the court brief next week to attempt to bolster Apple’s case.
  • This afternoon Apple filed its formal motion to have the demand that the company assist the FBI in defeating the phone’s encryption vacated, calling the order a violation of the company’s First and Fifth Amendment rights.
  • Some experts worry that Brazilian officials have irresponsibly exaggerated the threat of the Zika virus and created a panic.
  • University of Missouri Assistant Professor Melissa Click, famous for calling for “muscle” to remover reporters from a protest, has been fired.
  • Sea World admitted today that it had company employees pose as animal rights advocates to infiltrate and get intelligence from its opposition. It has ended the practice.

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Who Is Edward Snowden Voting For? The Reason TV Interview

Last Saturday, at the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire, Reason’s Nick Gillespie interviewed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who beamed in from Russia via a Google Hangout.

In a wide-ranging, 50-minute conversation, Snowden talked about Apple vs. the feds, what it would take for him to return to stand trial in the United States, and why, despite his own situation, he believes the individual has never been more powerful.

“[Government actors] know more about us than they ever have in the history of the United States,” Snowden warns. “They’re excusing themselves from accountability to us at the same time they’re trying to exert greater power over us.”

In the midst of a fiercely contested presidential race, Snowden remains steadfast in his distrust of partisan politics and declined to endorse any particular candidate or party, or even to label his beliefs. “I do see sort of a clear distinction between people who have a larger faith in liberties and rights than they do in states and institutions,” he grants. “And this would be sort of the authoritarian/libertarian axis in the traditional sense. And I do think it’s clear that if you believe in the progressive liberal tradition, which is that people should have greater capability to act freely, to make their own choices, to enjoy a better and freer life over the progression of sort of human life, you’re going to be pushing away from that authoritarian axis at all times.”

Snowden drew laughs when asked if he was eligible to vote via absentee ballot. “This is still a topic of…active research,” he deadpans.

Watch the video here or click the “View this article” link at the bottom of this post to go to a full transcript and downloadable versions.

For more on the Free State Project, which promises to produce “liberty in our lifetime,” go here.

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