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#745 – Obama Sets Up Perpetual Democratic Rule: Patronage Of 4 Million Operatives, Social Welfare And Amnesty For 12 Million With Perks

Its all so clear now: use taxpayers money to install 4 million Democratic operatives in the guise of government employees, revise social welfare programs, such as health care, in order to get people totally dependent on the state, then give amnesty with benefits to 12 million illegals in the country. What better way to increase […]

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If We Don’t Get Fired Up, It’s The End.

Now I am angry. And now I am pissed. And now I feel like spitting nails.  It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? But you should be angry too. I mean, where is the outrage? Thats the thing that I guess is driving me the most crazy.  Its that you have this guy, eviscerating, the […]

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#740 – More Tax Dodgers – Protectionist Policies – Obama Brings in Metric System – Rest of The World Salivates Over Stimulus Bill

Yep, more tax dodgers in the Obama administration – gee – you’d think that being a Democrat tax dodger would be worse than a Republican who pays for hookers, but apprently not. Apparently the entire world is not fully enthralled with our wonderful Commander-In-Chief, why you wonder – how can you NOT love the Big […]

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