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National 10% Sales Tax

Here it comes, people. Promises of elimination of the income tax in lieu of a sales tax. Thing is they are lying about eliminating the income tax. This is just another tax on top of everything.

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The Best PERSON For The Job Would Be Historic

I am so SICK AND TIRED of the word HISTORIC. Calling everything that Barack Hussein Obama HISTORIC is racist. People even think that believing in a color-blind society is racist because it doesn’t reset the wrongs of the past. HISTORIC. What ever happened to meritocracy? HISTORIC. The next justice pick will probably be female, watch […]

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Who Is Rich?

Its amazing that the communists, socialists, leftists and Obamabots STILL believe that the rich of today are rich because they stole from others or exploited others. Nowadays, the rich are rich because they provided a product or service that people want to buy. People WILLINGLY gave the “rich” person money for some product or service, […]

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Year One, A.O.

Obama acts like history began when he ascended to the throne. Like America did not exist prior to January 20th, 2009. So why don’t we just call this year 1 AO. As in after Obama? So I was born in 46 BO, and the American Revolution occurred in 232 BO, and Christ was born in […]

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Obama And Israel

[youtube=] Obama treats Benjamin Netanyahu like crap on his White house visit. Obama is no friend to Israel. Are all you Jews and Israel supporters happy that you voted for Obama now? Obama thinks using his silver tongue will really stop Iran from nuking Israel. Yeah, right.

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Government Should Stay Out Of The Wombs Of The Nation

Obama calls for a common ground on abortion. There is no common ground. What he CAN do is to step out of the debate. Government does not belong in the discussion AT ALL. Government has no say in the abortion debate. Not one taxpayer dollar should go to pro-life OR pro-choice organizations.

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