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Obama Is Not A Pragmatist

Is Obama really were a pragmatist then he would allow the free market to turn the economy around. He is simply using this crisis in order to implement his own “failed solutions of the past” aka socialism. When has he EVER extolled the virtues of the free market? When has he ever done anything to […]

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Dead People Being Stimulated

People who have been dead 30+ years and never contributed to social security are getting stimulus checks. Who knows how many illegal aliens are getting a chunk of our change too. Funny how this is lauded by the press but when Bush did the exact same thing with his $300 stimulus checks, he was laughed […]

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Obama Throws Himself Under The Bus?!?!

Obama spends the first 100 days spending us into oblivion, increasing the debt by a huge amount, and now says that that debt is unsustainable?! WTF? I guess he is just prepping us for a huge tax increase. But HE is the one who helped put us in this situation! [youtube=]

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War On Cheerios

As government runs health care approaches, be prepared to be told what you can and cannot eat, what you can and cannot do for exercise more and more often. Eventually suggestions will turn to orders and we will be waking up to mandatory morning calisthenics and forced to eat only what we are told.

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Preparing Us For A Soviet America

Is the mainstream media preparing us for Soviet America? The media, having drunk the Kool-Aid of Obama’s “hope and change” in the spirit of downgraded expectations, are they trying to get us used to the idea that we can’t have the house we want, the car we want, to run our thermostats at 72 degrees […]

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The GOP Made Its Own Bed

The situation that we are in was not started by Barack Hussein Obama. One of the reasons that the GOP is in the political wasteland is that it strayed from its core principles. [youtube=]

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Obama And California

Obama threatens to withhold stimulus funding from California if the union workers have to take a pay cut. California is simply trying to keep everyone working – Obama is obviously against that.

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