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Obama And California

Obama threatens to withhold stimulus funding from California if the union workers have to take a pay cut. California is simply trying to keep everyone working – Obama is obviously against that.

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The Free Choice Act

Obama suspends the Rule of Law in order to reward his buddies and punish who he doesn’t like. He can and will make ANY contract null and void, come in and retroactively re-write ANY contract.

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Oprah’s KFC Chicken

The Oprah KFC story makes me think that people like her and Obama are not the disease, but simply a symptom of the disease. The disease is our culture change away from self-reliance and personal responsibility and towards letting someone else (aka the nanny state) take care of things for me. Can’t we think for […]

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What Will Washington Do?

In some ways, Barack Hussein Obama has already destroyed the free market. What business nowadays will do ANYTHING until they try to divine what Washington will do next? It used to be that you could ignore Washington and just go about your business. Not any more. Now all business must kow-tow to Obama. Look at […]

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High Tech Smackdown

Who cares if you helped elect Barack Hussein Obama? High tech companies are targeted for a tax smackdown. HP, Microsoft, Google. Are you still happy that you helped elect this destroyer of business? [youtube=]

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Bullying Over Governing

OK OK We get it. You won. Why then do you have to keep the pressure on? Why do you have to keep pouring on the vitriol against conservatives and libertarians? Simple. They aren’t happy with simply defeating us. They want to wipe us out. They want to crush free speech and free markets, FOREVER. […]

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No Pictures

Obama refuses to release the $386,000 photos taken on the flyby which freaked out New York. [youtube=]

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How Do You Defeat A “God”?

How can the proponents of free speech and free markets defeat a “god”. How can we present someone else to electorate who can take us back to the original ideals of America, when the whole idea is to NOT have a “god-like” dictator running the show?

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