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Is Obama Forging A Birth Certificate?

Sounds like Obama’s team is spending a ton of time and money forging something. Since the Bush National Guard fiasco, I guess they want to make this forgery really realistic.

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Swine Flu and Fly Bys

I tell you – I never used to believe in conspiracy theories. I used to think, nah, there is no way the government was smart enough to do something like that. But now, since 9/11, I have to think the unthinkable: swine flu a way of culling the population? FEMA camps? Thousands of coffins ready […]

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Obama: Don’t Blame Me – The Last Straw Before Socialism

Obama’s strategy: don’t blame ME, I wasn’t around when this stuff was happening. Napoletano says blame Canada, since the 9/11 hijackers came through Canada. I agree! Lets blame Canada since their totally open immigration policy lets anyone into the country for any reason. Why? They NEED MONEY! all of the socialist nations need to bring […]

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Earth Day – Patient America – Obama As Kevorkian

A real mish mash today. I’m having real trouble getting amused. I mean, its not easy to laugh when America is dying on the operating table and the Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Frank Axis of Evil are administering the poison, Kevorkian style.  Will we devolve into lumps of flesh which simply are born, consume media and die, completely dependent […]

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My Earth Day To Do List…

On this Earth Day, while everyone else is hugging a tree, replacing their bulbs with fluorescent and not driving their big ass SUVs, I’ll be doing this. We are a pimple on Mother Natures ass, people.

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