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The Future Is Breaking

Sorry folks, I wasn’t expecting to take this long of a break from the show but personal stuff tends to get in the way – especially when you are just doing this for fun and its not your day job. Ah well, who knows maybe one day it will be my day job and people […]

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386 – Lets Ban Everything Now – No Cake For Me

The Authoritarians didn’t even give us time to mourn or breathe. Time to ban: Guns, Being Korean, Being Muslim, Being An Immigrant, Being Bullied, Being Called Names, Being Laughed At, Movies & Video Games. Lets blame everyone and everything BUT the shooter! What kind of world are we living in when we don’t lay the […]

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382 – Nappy Headed Hos – Chill – World With No Men

Do you feel the chill in the air? Every podcaster, bloggers, broadcaster – anyone who makes their living talking, writing, speaking their mind – should be standing up for Don Imus – whether you agree or disagree with him – he has the right to speak. This is a win for the Authoritarians. The question […]

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